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  • Alpinista
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    Besides Sherpa and I, we may end up bringing 4 more (colleagues and their spouses who may drive up to the top of Big George).

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    Just a week away, looking forward to meeting our old friends and our new friends.
    See you at the Mooseland Grill!

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    At least 2 were hoping our wives will join us
    so we will put in for 4 we are going to hike out after 2pm hope to get to the trail head early enough to make it in time to clean up a bit and looking forward to meeting everyone.

    The Isolation crew. :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag:
    looking forward to :beer: :beer: 😀 😀 😀

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    So we appear to be at 80 meeting at the Mooseland Grill, great!

    And great to see you guys on Jefferson today. Super!!

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    The Wildcat D crew (officially 2) will be leaving the area perhaps before dinner time to drive 4 hours home to Agawam, MA and Suffield, CT. I’m curious what time everyone is gathering at the Mooseland Grill….and does anyone plan on arriving early?

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    The Moriah crew plans on being at the Grill at around 5:00-5:30ish. We’ll stay for an hour or two or three. :flag: :beer: 😀

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    Most folks will be at the Mooseland 6-7pm, while those having more remote hikes won’t be there until 8-9 or after. It’ll be a Saturday night event!

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    Liberty crew hopes to be there by 5:30 – 6.

    Little Bear
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    Add another 2 to 5 (how’s that for definite???) to the group from Adams.

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    Eisenhower (Pleasant)

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    2 more from Pierce….hope they don’t run out of beer! :beer: …never happen. I can’t wait; great weather in our favor.

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    I might have a second person from Garfield; a friend I used to hike with just came out of hiding and is interested in coming along.

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    Everyone please have a beer for me too. There was a chance that we weren’t going to be able to backpack into the Pemi because of swollen streams/low-lying areas. If that was the case, we were going to try to camp at Sugaloaf and then hit the grill. But I think we’re going to be okay so we’re going to backpack into the Pemi for Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t get to the Whites as often as I’d like so when I get the opportunity to, I need to take advantage of it to spend some time in the backcountry. I’ll be there in spirit though. Everyone enjoy, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing the pics posted to the Gallery when I return Sunday evening! :beer:

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    Trekman and Dirt will be off Wildcat D and down to Mooseland earlier than most with limited time. Must travel back to MA/CT in reasonable time. Maybe getting outa town about 6-ish.

    8) :beer:

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    The eightball states 6 coming down from Flume to the Mooseland.

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