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  • MtnMagic
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      So far 56-60.

      Can that ball predict the good weather we’ll have?!

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        The eight ball speaks again…..2 From Osceola and 2 from Carrigain. Don’t need the eight ball for the weather. It WILL be a good day! :flag:

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          From for Bartlett, NH: Sept. 11 Partly cloudy, some sun, high of 71F

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            Funny, all my Magic 8 Ball tells me is “try again later” or “outlook good” 😀


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              -North Twin
              -Most likely 2 will be attending

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                Lisa and me. (2) (I’m such a math wizard)

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                  Hale will have 5

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                    The eight-ball reveals that 2 persons shall be arriving from Mt. Tecumseh.

                    MntMagic—Will you be letting the Mooseland know of our number.

                    Did we include the folks that mistakely posted on the 2003 tally post?

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                      So as of today we have a very nice group size of 76-80 psyched hikers who will find plenty of space in the dinning room and in the large back lounge.

                      The menu has a wonderful super selection of various Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Burgers, Sandwiches, Dinner entrees of seafood, chicken, beef, pork, Italian, Pizza, Calzones and much more with most hiker’s favorites: great food, low prices, and big portions.

                      Try some Red Rack, Pig’s Ear, Tuckerman’s, Guinness and more with a full liquor bar.

                      Yes, I’ll let Dawn know a day or two in advance as she requested. She has a large catering business for many years, so not to worry about the number of guests–a 100 is just a drop in the bucket.

                      What a great group photo it’ll be!

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                        With that many people we may have to move outside tp take the group shot! I’ll bring a wide angle lens. Maybe we could find a place to attach a large flag to be used as a backdrop for the pic.

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                          Great idea! The inside or outside the building would be a fine place.

                          Now who has the largest flag?!

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                            Alpinista posted he has a stadium sized flag – so if he makes it too the Moosland I am guessing he does.

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                              Wow, stadium sized!! I’ll bring a box of push pins and ask in advance if we use the side of the building for a nightime group shot.

                              Maybe the perfect “calender” picture for the future events. Very much looking forward to the entire day!

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                                Puck (Craig)
                                West Bond

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                                  i will come by – not sure what time – if there was a 4 lane interstate from mt. marcy to twin mountain it would be a 2 hour drive (but since it is all state roads my progress depends on the guy in front of me).

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