Flags on the 48 (a.k.a. FOT48) will use this information only in regards to the Flags on the 48 event. We do not sell or re-distribute any of the information you provide, except in the following regards:

  1. The display names of participants will be published as provided by the participant on the registration form. If no display name is given, then the first and last name will be used

  2. City and State may be used to provide general demographics to the media, such as “X number of hikers from NH” or “Hikers from all New England states.”

  3. In the event that the media wish to contact participants from specific areas, or hiking specific mountains, the FOT48 Admin team will first contact the participant(s) in question to get express written or e-mail consent to distribute contact information. In this case, the information will only be given out to the specific media representative which requested it.

  4. Only the FOT48 Admin team will have direct access to information contained in the registration form, aside from the names of the participants as mentioned above. The peak coordinators will have the ability to contact the hikers for their assigned peak using a management interface. Participant’s e-mail addresses will not be revealed unless the participant requests as such.

  5. By registering for the FOT48 event, the participants agrees to receive updates and pertinent information to the FOT48 event via e-mail. The participant can send a message to contact@flagsonthe48.org to request removal.

  6. FOT48 reserves the right to alter these rules at any time. However, should the rule change result in the possibility of contact information distribution without the prior additional consent of the participants, FOT48 will give no less than sixty (60) days advance notice to the participants, with the ability of the participants to opt-out of the distribution of contact information.

  7. Information in the message forum (located at flagsonthe48.org/forums) is public by nature. Therefore, any information posted there by the participants of the forum is the responsibility of the participants, and FOT48 makes no indication of privacy in regards to the forum.