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    Beaver Brook is actually a mile past Five Corners (the junction of Trudeau Road with the Gale River Road). It’s a good meeting spot for those not familiar with the area, being right on Rte 3, and has a large parking lot with two driveways, and a fine privy.

    However, the Garfield trailhead isn’t difficult to find; as long as you take the right end (literally) of the Gale River Road. So really either place is good to meet at.

    I’d say 9am is a good time to be starting on the hike; I wouldn’t want to start any later than that.

    However, if we’re doing the Cannonballs, obviously we don’t want to drive up to Beaver Brook.

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    My schedule is quite erratic, but I do plan on joining you all for one of the nights. As for the hiking, I am up for anything…
    I also plan on bringing some firewood and a few Guinesses for any of those “Irish” hikers who like the smooth heavy brews. One Guiness has about the same amount of calories as a roast beef sandwich, but us hikers need the calories! 😀

    We just need some good weather! With all of this rain I am beginning to think I should start building an ark… 😮

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    Awwhhh. I should have know. Thank you Chris. 😀

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    Silent Cal, et al:

    Depending on how early I can scadaddle on Friday, I’ll head up to the campground either Friday — or see everyone there Saturday afternoon/evening.

    My itinerary:

    SATURDAY: planning to do trail work on my trail (AirLine).
    SUNDAY: Would love to get in on the Welch Dickey hike!

    Will bring firewood and brewskis!


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    All confirmed with the campground. I will be arriving around 6:00 P.M. For those of you that arrive eariler than that,

    When you check in, mention to the desk that you are with the The Flags on the 48 group. The sites are registered under my name (Jim Roy). When I get there, we’ll sort out who owns what. It’s $9 a head per night and hopefully the rain doesn’t spoil the weekend. The lady at the campground told me that the evening temps have been in the upper thirties and fourties lately. Don’t forget to bring your warm sleeping gear. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

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    When I get there, we’ll sort out who owns what.

    Are we going to divide up the campground amongst ourselves?:lol:

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    Hey now, English is a second language for me, Cut me some slack eh! 🙄

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    Looking forward to the weekend!
    Hiking up Garfield on Saturday.
    Joining the group for Welch-Dickey Sunday.
    Guess who owns what. Can’t wait to see you!

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    @SilentCal wrote:

    … hopefully the rain doesn’t spoil the weekend…

    Is there an official decision as to whether or not we alter the plan due to rain? I’m hoping not but thought I’d bring it up since it’s a possibility.

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    I’ve got some good size tarps that I’m bringing along. They came in handy at least years event, however a midget like myself should not be the one setting them up unless you all care to walk on your knees. It rained at last years planning event and look at how awesome the weather was for the Flags event. I think it’s a good karma.

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    Cal and company,

    I will be up Friday around 6:00pm as well.

    Did some “creative” scheduling with my staff so I can bug out early on Friday.

    Really looking forward to it. :flag:

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    I’ll be there between 3:00 and 4:00 and will start setting everything up.

    Oh, and don’t worry – I’m bringing the small tent. 30° nights are a bit chilly for the highly-vented Taj 😀

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