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      Hello Everyone here is an itinerary of the days events..feel free to email suggestions or comments 😀

      Me: My name is Brenda Vail. I’m a crazy peek seeker 😀 I have done this event for the past two years. First year being Mt.Field and last year Mt. Lafayette. Its just such an amazing event!! I look forward to meeting you all!!

      Flag: I have poles and the Flag. The Flag is actually my Dads. I have used it for the past two years..It has withstood some pretty tough winds on Field and last year on Lafayette. Its tough and resilient like my Pop 😀 .

      Mt.Monroe:5,254 feet

      Trail/plan: Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail Total trip 7.2 miles

      This is a very beautiful trail with many waterfalls and overlooks. 2.1 miles in you will come to the gem pool (love this spot) after a steep climb we will arrive at the Lake of the Clouds hut where we can stop refuel drop our bags and head to the summit (0.5). The Flag needs to be raised by NOON. I am giving us 4 hours to reach the summit which should be more than enough time. Once the Flag is raised and secured we can do our photo’s and weather permitting wait for the black hawk or seek shelter at the hut. It will be your own personal decision. The Flag needs to be raised until 2pm. After that we will descend via Ammo back to our vehicles. If anyone is interested for adult refreshments and food, we can all meet for dinner. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing this amazing day with you!!

      Shawn D
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        Hi Brenda, thats great! I will be at the Ammo trail head Saturday morning, as noted in my post. There are usually a couple crews staying at the Lakes hut Friday evening, some will be probably heading south to Eisenhower, and some heading up to the Big Guy. I see on the AMC site, the LOTC hut is sold out for Saturday the 13th, so there should be lots of visitors to our memorial.
        It will be a fun day, lets hope for clear skies..

        If we can get a couple of flags a flyin on Monroe, we will be the envy of the 4Krs … 4×8 is HUGE!!!! awesome.

        See you there. :flag:

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          Greetings, Brenda.

          I’m looking forward to my first Flags event. I stumbled on it last year on Carrigain and was intrigued. I bagged number 48 last week on Isolation and, while I’m not a fast hiker, I’m pretty steady. I plan on being at the Ammonoosuc trail head at 7:30. Is there anything I can bring to help? Maybe rope?

          Rich Morin.

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            Hello Rich, That is awesome! If you could bring rope that would be great!! My friend and did Monroe last weekend to get a good idea on Flag placement. We have alot of nice tie down areas:) So the more rope the better!! I’m going to post some more info just before the trip too!! Looking forward to seeing you there!! Congrats on your 48 finish. Great peak to finish on!! See you soon. Brenda

            Steve H
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              Brenda, I’d like to accompany your group on this patriotic venture. Last year I was part of the team on Waumbek. I plan on camping at Sugarloaf I on Friday night. – Steve Hern

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