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      Here’s a proposed press release. I’ve left the “contact” section blank, but we should have a point person to answer any logistical questions if media were to call.

      Any and all feedback is welcome. As I recall, we’ll want to start getting this release to media outlets in early/mid-July, and then send follow ups the week before the event. It will be printed on stationery with the Flags on the 48 logo.

      Couple of questions as we mull it over: Is there anything in particular that is new and different this year that we want the media to know about the event?

      Special thanks to Dirt Girl for getting the ball rolling on this! :flag: :beer:

      9/11 MEMORIAL HIKE


      White Mountains, N.H. – On Sept. 11, 2005, the fourth annual “Flags on the 48” _ a hike to the top of each of the 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire _ will take place in memory of those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks.

      The tribute has grown each year since it began.

      It was first an informal and spontaneous memorial on the first Saturday after the attacks by a group of six hikers moved by the horrific and lasting toll of the attacks. They hoisted a large American flag atop Mt. Liberty that day.

      It now involves hundreds of hikers _ from Boy Scout troops and veterans’ groups to every-day hikers _ who take to all 48 4,000 footer peaks, flying the colors for two hours and paying tribute with, in some cases, lists of those who died, personal experiences to impart, and all joined in the bond that taking to the mountains continues to bring some solace in the wake of unspeakable violence.

      This year’s memorial hike continues to honor those who died, their family and friends, as well as military personnel fighting overseas.

      Details on the hike and its organizers can be found at

      This year, the hike has been shifted to a Sunday so it can coincide with the Sept. 11 anniversary date. Media wishing to cover this event may also reach many of the participants the night before at the Broken Branch Campground in Woodstock, N.H.

      WHO: Hikers taking to the New Hampshire 4,000 footers

      WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 11, 2005, from noon to 2 p.m.

      WHY: To pay tribute to those who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks

      OTHER INFORMATION: Media wishing to cover this event may also head to peaks that are reached by a tram or other mode of transportation. Those peaks include: Mt. Washington (New England’s highest at 6,288 feet), Cannon in Franconia Notch, and Wildcat in Pinkham Notch.


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        :beer: Fabulous work, Ms. Alpinista!!! :beer:

        Now I completely understand why you do what you do…
        I am humbled by your genius and paying attention. 😉

        If we are mailing out press releases, I would like to assist in any way;
        printing, stamping, stuffing, licking…whatever is needed. 😀



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          I’m willing to continue as point man:

          Name: Stephen Dunhom
          Phone: 603-380-0970


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            Thanks, Dirt Girl! As for stamp lickin’ etc. … I’ll plan to fax it out to the news outlets, so no need to use up your saliva on that thankless task! 😆

            Stephen: Thanks for agreeing to act as the contact person. I’ll add that to the release. :flag:

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              We had not offically decreed that folks will be staying at the KOA and having our pre-gathering there. We spoke very highly of the place and the ball is rolling in that direction. I’m heading there tomorrow for an overnight and will chat it up again with the owner. Anyone have a rough estimate as to what I should say as to how many persons might attend as guests. Those who might actually stay at the campground????

              Other than that Super work Lisa and Madison! Voluteers make it happen!


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                SilentCal — Okey doke. Since we won’t be sending out the releases until early/mid-July, let’s be sure to revisit that section of the press release. My thought is that if there is an “official” gathering spot the night before, it would give any interested media a chance to grab folks before the hike for interviews.

                We reporter-types tend to be lazy folks and may not want to cart ourselves up the peaks themselves to do any interviews. And since it’s on a Sunday this year, there won’t necessarily be a huge gathering the night of the event.

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                  I think talking to the campground owners and letting them know who much we would like to plan the
                  PRE hike get together there is a great idea, it keeps us in the back of their minds.
                  However, I don’t think you can acually give them a number yet, can you?
                  There was also talk of another camp ground gathering closer to the peaks that are not in the Broken Branch vacinity?
                  Is that still a possibility or will people just pop in at BB and then go to their own place of choice?
                  Perhaps a thread for campers sign up could give you some numbers but I still think it’s too early.
                  How much time do they need to secure the camping/ RV area for us?
                  Did I ask too many questions? 😀
                  Is everyone completely confused?
                  My work here is finished…

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                    Thanks to Stephen for all his work at the web site and being the press point man, hooray!! :flag:
                    I vote to post the proposed press release onto the web site Press Release page…
                    unless it needs time for additional comments????
                    I can’t help but feel that the web page should be current as soon as possible…
                    one less worry as the time draws near. 😀


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                      Hi All – Good to see the enthusiasm for the hike gaining momentum. I am no writer (engineer) but I had a problem with the following sentence:

                      “It was first an informal and spontaneous memorial on the first Saturday after the attacks by a group of six hikers moved by the horrific and lasting toll of the attacks…”

                      Sounded like 6 hikers attacked. Maybe we can switch around some of the phrases?

                      Thanks for the work and energy ….

                      -TrekMan (Jim)

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                        How does this sound:

                        “It was first an informal and spontaneous memorial on the first Saturday after the attacks. A group of six hikers moved by the horrific and lasting toll of the attacks hoisted a large American flag atop Mt. Liberty that day.”

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                          Good Catch Trekman! I wouldn’t want anyone to think we were the terrorists….

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                            I think that sounds great Alpinista! :flag:

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