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      I would like to gather a group at the Mooseland Grill following the event.

      The link for the Grill is:
      You can get a $25 gift certificate there for $12.50! What a savings!

      As my last organizational task, I’d to get a ballpark estimate of how many people they can expect from us.

      If you will be joining us, please post in this thread and include:

      Your estimated arrival time.

      Please post here by Wednesday September 10.


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        Let’s start out by saying, “We can do this Grill in two peeps!”
        Many more as the event nears!!

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          P.S. to last post:
          5 ish or there abouts is about accurate for us.
          Most have much longer hikes. We are patient.
          Some won’t be there ’til 8, 9, or even 10. So,
          We will wait for you!

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            2 people (myself and a hiking friend) will definitely be there.
            Probably between 7:00 and 7:30, I’ve got one of the longer treks.
            Don’t drink the place dry before I get there!

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              Will be there around 6-7pm depending on the traffic coming down OBP. 🙄

              There will be about 8 of us.

              Can’t wait!!

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                We will have two definates from Carrigain. Will arrive around 6-ish. Also last year, people were asked to wear something flag related to distinguish flag-bearers from other patrons. Does this place have an area where a group this size can linger and swap stories? Just curious. See you all there! Just pray for some nice weather! :beer: :beer: :beer:

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                  You bet! They have a restaurant in one room and a separate room, oddly called the lounge, with a bar and pool table (yes, plenty of chairs, too) for us smelly hikers.
                  The Grill loves smelly hikers — but not that smelly!

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                    The Analogic croo will be at the Moose ~ at least 2 and hopefully 4 or 5. We will be there early, around 5:00 😀 as we are doing Field, pretty close by. I can’t wait and I hope for a fabulous day all around! No speeding tickets for me this year!!!
                    We get first pickins on the prime rib…yummmmmmmm! :beer:
                    see y’all there!

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                      Analogic croo will not be there early, more prime rib for you! We are doing N Hancock instead of Field (my friend Paula from Londonderry team took it!) That’s OK Paula, you need the shorter hike! HA! 😛
                      ETA for Mooseland more like 6:30. :beer: :beer:
                      I can’t wait!

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                        Hey there Sky!

                        How many hikers are you bringing to The Grill. C’mon now. Everybody join in!

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                          From E Osceola, expect between 3-5. Also, word has gotten out, so I know of a few hikers who are heading up to “see” the event, and may go there too. But for this group , about 5. can’t wait!!!Hoping for great weather – did Garfield today, what a great day – one like this would be perfect! 😀

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                            Yep. today was awesome on Indian Head. Hope to be there at Mooseland after the hike, at least 4 from our group.

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                              Put me down for 2….I’ll be there, probably with my wife Patti. We’ll be staying in the Lincoln area overnight I think. I’m on Cannon, so it should be a short descent and trip to the Grill. I guess tentatively we’ll show up between 6 & 7 PM…probably closer to 6


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                                Put us down for 4 – maybe 6.

                                Don’t forget to wear soemthing flag related so we all stand out!

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                                  Current tally is approximately 35 throughout the evening, possibly more.

                                  Any others joining us?


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