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      Hey everyone-

      Just thought I’d throw this out there.

      My wife and I have a beautiful arrangement out here in the Blue Hills. Basketball courts, hiking trails, ponds, a huge pool and plenty of open space.

      If eneough people had an interest…we’d be willing to host a pre-pre-pre whatever. (OK an excuse to hang out). Sometime in August perhaps. And perhaps a Thursday night, to avoid any week-end hiking withdrawals. 😉

      Folks can campout for the night if they wish as well.

      Just an idea…let me know.


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        Sounds great to me – I’ve never climbed Great Blue. Though if it’s any time after mid-August I’ll be away on vacation.

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          I would go, What do you know, August 11th is a Thursday. One month after signups start and one month before the event. Not sure whether I could camp out but until I look at work schedules. If it’s a go, count me in.

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            I’d be game for this! It’d be a great excuse to wear my hiking gear to work, then head south to the Blue Hills! 😆

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              :-/ Unfortunately with my new job getting time off that soon during the week just ain’t gonna happen.


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                Ah, sounds like paradise to me… I am working 60 different jobs this summer 😮
                so I’ll see what I can do for time off when an actual date is set…Aug. 11th?
                How appropriate would that be for a bit of last minute tweeking, hanging out and whatever?


                Oh…wait… where are the Blue Hills?? 😳

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