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      The morning started a bit slowly after a long night of whiffleball home run derby. The 7 o’clock hour struck way too soon. Myself and two other team members awoke to a warm, humid and very foggy morning. After about a half-hour of procrastinating and watching Red Sox highlights, we all managed to get showered and ready for our day. We packed up and made our way to Lafayette place where we would meet our other team members and start our journey on the Falling Waters trail to Mt. Lincoln. We started out as a pretty tight group but soon were separated by our speed and abilities. We made it to the summit of Little Haystack around the same time give or take ten or fifteen minutes. I got to the summit of Little Haystack at around 11:30 and chose to keep on going for the summit of Lincoln to keep time for the 12 o’clock flag raising. We summitted Mt. Lincoln about 10 minutes to noon. The flag was flying proudly by noon. Another group, nurses on top arrived about a half and hour later and we assisted them in their flag raising as well. Thanks for the shots!!! After that, our team separated – some to complete the Lafayette loop, and others returned back down Falling Waters. We enjoyed beers in the parking lot :beer: after another successful FOT48.

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        Great job Darwin! :flag:

        We could see both flags from Lafayette. We also did the loop but missed your group and only met up with Nurses on Top.

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          Thanks man! It was a pretty awesome sight to see when the clouds opened up an your flag showed up large and in charge of the ridge! Everyone who came from Lafayette spoke highly of your effort and your team! Props from Team Darwin! Sorry we did’nt see you all on the way down but theres always next year! PROPS from my team to yours! :beer: :beer: :beer: :flag: :flag:

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