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      Okay It’s my first summit that I don’t have the help of a tower. The previous two years, I just lashed the pole to the side of the tower. This year on Monroe, I am pretty sure I an going to need some more support. What does everyone use for guy lines and what’s the most useful way to anchor them?

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        I used lightweight clothesline. Not the superlight-floating-plastic kind, though, that stuff is really hard to work with.

        To cut it, wrap the location with 3 or 4 tight passes of duct tape, then slice down the middle.

        To anchor, I’ve just used summit rocks. Lift a heavy rock, set a coil of rope under it, drop the rock. On Monroe, you should find larger boulders that you can just wrap around, too.

        Monroe won’t require you to go very high with your pole, so you won’t need to go too far out with the guy lines.

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          Clever idea with the duct tape! I had not thought of that. I plan to be spending a night at Lakes on Tuesday the 7th, so I’ll run up Monroe and scout out just what I’ll need. We’ll more than likely have more than one flag flying so we should not be too hard to miss in the Southern Presies! I’ll be hard pressed to see you all the way on Garfield.. :flag:

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            Our pole is 12 tall – 2 years ago we had the luxury of teh tower on Carrigain – last year on Jackson we used the sign post to steady the base then had guy wires running out in 3 directions from the top and from about 4/5 feet from the top tied off too trees and/or tent stakes. In order to make putting the pole up quick we attached 3 loops of nylon strapping at both spots with a u-bolt, so all we had to do is tie the guy lines to the straps and tie them off. This year we will lower the middle support location to be just under the base of the flag, and may add another 4 foot section to the pole. Some of the pics in the gallery from last year for Mt Jackson show it pretty clearly.

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              Correct guy line placement can make the difference to stabilize your freestanding pole setups.
              I suggest using the 3 way anchor system as others have done.
              4 anchor points w/guy/stays can be better but are far more difficult to balance loads.

              One important note, imagine the “footprint” of anchor placements as a tyical “Y” where the 3 anchors are located. Try to align the “open” end of the “Y” to face the prevailing wind direction, so that at least 2 anchors can split the loading equally.

              If you only have 1 guy/anchor against the wind, then the pole will flog back and forth.

              This year I have an advantage to use the Garfield summit foundation, thus I will be using 4 way guys to each corner, not concenred as much with wind direction.
              Last year our South Twin setup used a 3 anchor guy system, with paired locations on the pole, which was totally freestanding and worked quite well.


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                I gotta tell ya Brownie, seeing pictures of your well engineered and architected solution brings a tear to my eye!

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                  We got a 100-foot parachute line at EMS last year for I think about $5-6. Will have one more this year and it’s light, strong and compact.

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                    @Chris wrote:

                    I gotta tell ya Brownie, seeing pictures of your well engineered and architected solution brings a tear to my eye!

                    Just wait til ya’ see the pictures from this years setup!

                    8’x12′ Flag
                    18′ Carbon fiber/PVC combo pole
                    4 way anchor system with paired stays

                    Old glory will fly straight and true!


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                      I got shivers!

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                        I’m using very heavy duty,’industrial strength’ finishing line with locking ties. I’be leaving for the KOA in just a few hours. Woo-Hoo!

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