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      Last year a string of unforseen circumstances resulted in a one man guerilla-type mission to get our Flag flying atop Mt Adams. Plans this year were drawn up well in advance and continually evolved until the last minute. This resulted in a bold battalion-type assault of Mt Jefferson. The plan was to split the gear among the team at the trailhead but Ferris wouldn’t share any of it. Mike took the flagpole and I passed out lots of water for folks to carry so we could brew coffee at the top. We started up the trail more than a dozen strong with reenforcements not far behind. At the first lookout the team gathered for a break. From here I pressed on with Ferris and Mookie. We scrambled over the Caps and came to the junction to discuss whether we should cut around to the lawn or go right over the top. Given the bold nature of this mission it was a short discussion. As we started Mike and Chinooktrail caught up with the flagpole. We arrived at an empty summit by 10:30 where we were met by bright blue skies and a stiff breeze. Once assembled we set to raise the Flag. I noticed many folks approaching the summit and several cameras focused on our effort (anyone with pictures is encouraged to post them on the FOT48 gallery). It took two of us to raise the pole while three others manned the ropes and secured them to summit rocks. Old Glory looked proud snapping in the wind against a vivid blue sky. Soon the wind ripped the top of the Flag away from the pole. A carabiner fastened to the pole by two heavy duty tie wraps was no match for this wind. The pole came down for repair when help came from a hiker who we believe was a former Marine. Chinook has an uncanny knack for identifying military fabric 😉 While I wrapped some short strips of tape he wrapped parachute cord around the pole the whole length of the carabiner and fashioned a simple knot at either end which he pulled tight with pliers. This time the Flag went up for good :flag: Once everything was in place he asked if we would help him hold a very large Flag which was his Father’s from the Navy. It was an honor and thanks again for your help. Now with the work done it was time to sit back and enjoy the event. By this time the summit had become a very busy place. The rest of the Battalion had arrived as well as hikers from all directions. Mtnmama got everyone’s attention in order to lead a moment of silence and prayer for Jim & Cathy and their family as well as the victims and families affected by the attacks. Most folks I spoke with knew about the event and many thanked us for our effort. As I brewed the first batch of coffee I was presented with a slice of apple pie baked by everyone’s favorite thru-hiker. Thanks Jibbitz the pie was yummy 8) Much merriment ensued. I helped Lynda so her pack would be lighter on the way down. Leisure time passed quickly. Time to take down the Flag and head for the birthday party. On the way out I slipped on one of the bog bridges near the trailhead. In case anyone is wondering the mud is more about thigh deep 😮

      Special thanks to a great team!

      Battalion members:
      Mtnpa&Mtnmama, Jason&Gillian, Wendy&Mike, Lynda&Dave, Rachel, Gary, Mookie, Chinooktrail, MEB, Drew, Gwynna, Dr Wu&Jess, BoB, Darlene, Kim, Hui Yeng, and Hotdonna (birthday girl)

      New Hampshire
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        Woo hoo, nice job everyone! From Georgie to Katahdan to Jefferson, Mary Ellen sure gets around eh!? 😆


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          The poor gal spent the last week sleeping in a house 😮
          She desperately needed some “Ridge time”

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