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      Hi everyone:

      I’ve been given a huge flag — 9 feet by 5 feet — to use for the Flags of the 48, and I’m wondering what tips, suggestions folks have for building a pole to actually fly the flag atop the summit… Should I just go to Home Depot and buy some PVC/PCV or whatever that kind of piping is called???


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        the sections of a roof snow rake worked great as a flag pole last year on monroe.

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          Hi Lisa,
          I was given a pvc ‘2 piece, 10 ‘ flag pole’ for last years’ event. Hey, don’t buy anything, get in touch, I’m willing to share!

          Flags on the 48 . . . forever!

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            Last year I used a ten foot section of electrical conduit as the pole. I screwed in two fisheye screws (measure your flag first!) into the pole and then latched on a flagclip to each fisheye. While hiking,I bungee corded the two clips together to keep them from clanging together. I had Cannon Mt., so i just C-clamped the pole to the side of the tower platform and It worked great. Hiking with the pole was cumbersome in places and i got some really weird glances but I saved the pole and plan to use it again on Carrigain. I am sure PVC pipe does the same job but part of the fun of doing this, is figuring out how to build it and get it to work and stay put among quite possibly some breezy conditions.

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              Thought I had an extra one. Guess I used it and forgot. Sorry! I spoke too soon. Below is an inexpensive pole idea:

              The flag pole is made from a 10′, 1 1/2″ (inside diameter) wide, schedule 40 pvc conduit with “bell-type” end, and cut in half to 5′ lengths. Two 1/4″ holes, the width of your flag, are drilled through the pvc. Threaded screw (1/2″) eyes, 3/16″ in diameter, 2 1/2″ long are pushed through the holes and are secured using nuts on each of the ends. Four or more lengths of nylon twine cut to size from a 100′ cord will support the pole, using your tent stakes, (or area boulders).

              The pcv is $3.99 or less at your local hardware store and the 2 screw eyes/4 nuts and the nylon cord are about a $1 each.

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                Last year we carried a 6 x 8 flag up to Mount Carrigan – for the pole we both a 12 foot length of 1 1/2 inch PVS and cut it onto 3rds to make it easy to carry – bought 2 F/F couplers and glued them two one end of two of the sections – then drilled holes for carriage bolts to hold the sections together and act as points for guy wires – also added a eye bolt at the top for guy wires. Was very easy to carry, and put together. Pics are in the image gallery.

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                  Last year I too put up a 9 x 5 foot flag and needed a big pole. I used 3 five foot sections of 2″ PVC coupled together w/ pvc couplings, duck tape AND I used a 2 foot long by 1/4 inch thick by 2″ wide aluminum stay at each of the 2 couplings for extra support. (The wind wanted to snap the PVC at that height.) I also drilled a couple holes for guy lines and we used lots of rocks to stabilize and support. Once it was up,,,,it stayed for 21/2 hrs out straight!! It was awesome, we were on Moosilauke. Good luck!

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                    Purchase 8″ (for a 2″ or less outside diameter pole) plastic cable ties at you local hardware store. You’ll need only four of them. Lay one tie parallel to the pole at each of the two metal grommet holes in your flag. Wrap another tie over these and lock it tightly around the pole. The parallel ties are then inserted in the flag’s grommet holes and tightened when needed. Note longer cables will be needed with larger than 2″ diameter poles.

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                      I scored a 15′ telescoping aluminum flag pole that’s relatively lightweight and can even double as a walking stick!


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                        Hello – I need some last minute advice. My plans seem to be unwinding due to circumstance beyond my control, and my group of hikers to raise our flag has dwindled – more like disintigrated. The good news is we have the portable PVC pole with some support points ready to go, and I can scrounge up line and stakes, etc to support the pole. I left the actual flag responsibility up to another person, who had to cancel last minute, and had not gotten a flag. Where can I buy Ole Glory? I stopped by my local Target, and they’ have none. I am in the Boston area, have taken Friday off, and plan on heading up to NH during the day, so any suggestions would be appreciated, the more convenient to 93 the better.

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                          Most hardware stores have em.

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                            If the Arlington area is convenient, hit Arlington Flag and Banner on Mass Ave. It’s on your left about 1/2 mile from Rte 16 heading away from Cambridge.

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                              My local Home Depot always has plenty…so yes, the hardware store option is a good one to check.

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