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    Correct guy line placement can make the difference to stabilize your freestanding pole setups.
    I suggest using the 3 way anchor system as others have done.
    4 anchor points w/guy/stays can be better but are far more difficult to balance loads.

    One important note, imagine the “footprint” of anchor placements as a tyical “Y” where the 3 anchors are located. Try to align the “open” end of the “Y” to face the prevailing wind direction, so that at least 2 anchors can split the loading equally.

    If you only have 1 guy/anchor against the wind, then the pole will flog back and forth.

    This year I have an advantage to use the Garfield summit foundation, thus I will be using 4 way guys to each corner, not concenred as much with wind direction.
    Last year our South Twin setup used a 3 anchor guy system, with paired locations on the pole, which was totally freestanding and worked quite well.