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I must say as I reflect on which date would be the most appropriate, the more I tend to side with the 11th. My fear is that if we choose the 14th, our solemn event will turn into a media circus. I realize that by choosing the 11th some people might be excluded by circumstances beyond their control, but to me the act of raising a flag on a mountain to commemorate the victims of the WTC is a deeply personal one and must not be cheapened by others who might see this as an opportunity to further a cause.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about even alerting the “media” to this event. If we do, which media outlets should be called? The way the media can turn any event, no matter how solemn, into a cheap tabloid spectacle has we worried. Gale mentioned something about school children being involved. I don’t mean to disagree with Gale, but the thought of a bunch of children parading up a mountain to raise a flag without even the smallest understanding of what it represents, send shivers down my back. Yes they may understand that people died on the 11th, but in no way do they have the emotional wherewithal to appreciate what we are trying to achieve. To them it’s a field trip, nothing more. Obviously if a parent is participating and wants to include their child, that is their choice, I would just caution against making children the major participants or the focus of the event.

Please understand, I do not wish to anger or upset anyone, all I am trying to say is that to me raising a flag on a mountain is extremely personal and should be treated with as much respect as one can muster. This event can easily get out of hand as the HJ discussion has proven, so I would like to caution everyone to keep their eye on the goal, which is namely a solemn event to commemorate our lost citizens.

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