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    I was the “young lady” atop Mt. Washington. I must thank you for referring to me as a young lady. Very kind of you. 😀 And very kind of you to post the pictures. Yours are the first pictures I’ve seen on the site of Flags on the 48 on Mt. Washington. I only wish we had met.

    My husband, Jack, and I drove the auto road as well. He is also recovering from surgery. In our own way, we were glad to be able to participate in this event.

    We arrived at the summit in plenty of time (since we didn’t have to go at my slow hiking pace). At noon, we were ready to step onto the summit. Kind hikers and tourists waited as we raised the flag. A very accommodating tourist took a group picture for us so that our dogs could join in as well for a family portrait, probably the only time we will all be on the summit together. I was proud to be there and happy to have my family with me.

    As we left the summit sign, Jack found a small memorial just below the summit. (A picture is in the gallery). The memorial was to James Michael Roux, June 29, 1959 – September 11, 2001. It said: “Jim, Thinking of you on this day. When I think of you, I think of ‘the joy of the mountains.’ I love you and miss you so much. Lovingly, your little sister, Sal.”

    We were so moved to see this memorial. We felt that Jim was loved to so much and loved the Whites so much that his sister chose to remember and honor him on September 11th atop Mt. Washington. Seeing his picture and his sister’s loving words gave a name and a face to our being there. We dedicated our flag to his memory as well. Should his sister, Sally, find her way here, please email me. I will gladly mail the flag flown atop Mt. Washington to you.

    I later learned that Mr. Roux was a passenger on United 175. He was an avid hiker, hiking and rock climbing in the Whites. He also trekked to the Everest base camp in Nepal, afterwards opening a law office in Katmandu to represent Sherpas. He was a father, a son, a brother, lost on September 11th. He is loved and remembered. Our flag on the 48 honored him as well.

    I only wish I could also have had such kind words to say to the man I met at the top of the Crawford Path as he approached Mt. Washington. He came towards me and said he just wanted to be near the flag for a moment, obviously emotional about the remembrance. I wish I could have found more sympathetic words for whomever he was remembering.

    From the Crawford Path, we could easily see the flags on Monroe, Eisenhower, and Pierce. Through binoculars, we could see the flags on Jackson and Isolation. I also thought I caught a quick glimpse of the colors on South Twin and Liberty.

    After flying the flag for a half hour towards the southwest, we moved to the observation deck. From this point, we could see the flags on Jefferson, Adams, and Madison. With the binoculars, we saw also saw flags on Moriah and Carter Dome. I also saw a quick flash of color on South Carter. Was that possible?

    Our flag was ceremoniously folded at the observation deck before we started for home.

    Jack and I feel privileged to have been part of this memorial. It was wonderful to meet so many of you at the KOA and to see so many of you from the summit of Mt. Washington. Until we meet again, my best regards to a dedicated and thoughtful group of people. I wish you all “the joy of the mountains.”

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    @SilentCal wrote:

    Thank You Periwinkle for taking this peak. I agree with your plan as the summit will be exceptionally crowded this weekend. Be sure to take some photos!

    I’m glad to be doing this! Hiking wasn’t going to be possible this weekend, but at least now I’ll get to visit a peak. And I’m happy to be participating.

    I will be taking lots of pictures, even pulling the old 35mm out of the mothballs so I can have a better zoom lens along. I’ll see how many Flags on the 48 I can photograph from the summit.

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