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      :flag: As I rode up Wildcat, I was real happy to be back on a mountain, even though it was only riding up in a gondola. Cindy, Gris’ wife, had joined me, and I had heard from a number of friends that they would be on the summit. The ride went smoothly (duh!), and in a short time we were there. As we stepped off the gondola, I saw Donna’s smiling face standing at the trailsign. In my enthusiasm to give her a big hug, I forgot all about the easy side trail off to the left 😳 and got myself up to greet her. Cindy was right with me and we made it up the relatively steep (at least for me, in my condition) trail. As we got to the observation platform, we saw 2 signs “closed”, and “caution”. TMax was alreaday there, and I told her I’d place my flag against the left post (I knew my flagpole had some bend in it, and didn’t want to have it tangle in the antenna). We opted to heed the latter sign, and made our way up to the platform. Soon, 7Summits, MtnMama, Giggy (with Conor in tow), Deb, Arm, and BoB (I’m sure I’ve missed some…) joined us at the summit. A lot of hugs, and some fine fudge (thanks Arm!) were shared, and it was soon time for the flagraising. Somehow, we all decided that the platform was more then safe enough for all of us, so we all joined up there, just in time for Gris to return from Wildcat “A”. Just about this time I noticed that BoB had not even a hint of sweat on him. I took one look at his footwear and knew he had gotten a late start and opted to ride up also. Busted!

      We spent a fantastic 2+ hours catching up, and taking many pictures. It felt great to be back on a 4K summit. I can’t wait until I can make it up under my own power. As folks were leaving, MtnMama graciously asked us if we preferred to stay at her house due to the impending weather. Since I’m currently a big wimp, I was only too happy to choose a bed over a pad. I look forward to the day when I will decide that the pad sounds just as good – if not better! After everyone had left, I spent the last 20 minutes contemplating life, and 9/11, chatting with a few hikers who happened by. At 2:02 I called Alpinista on “A” to say hi, and lowered my flag. I took my time, opting for the side trail 🙂 and got back on the gondola. Then it poured! I felt bad for my friends hiking down the ski trails, and over to “A”, but little could be done. Fortunately, when I reached the base, I could see them hiking across to the base lodge, avoiding the worst of it.

      The day was not over. We had a birthday to celebrate! Gris was turning another year older. We stopped at Mr Pizza for dinner and his face lit up when he heard the staff singing “Happy Birthday to you…”. Unfortunately, it was for the table next to us 🙄 Suffice it to say we heard an earful about that! Little did he know our plans… As we left, I mentioned that I had to head to Berlin to pick something up for my wife. Talk about the Inquisition! I’m not the sharpest, and had not planned on having to explain myself, but managed to make some lame excuse up that seemd to satisfy Gris. I rode up to Shaw’s, picked up a Carvel cake, and managed to keep it frozen all the way to Bethlehem. All I have to say is that cake tasted mighty good when we ate it later. Gris looked like a little kid with a sh*t eating grin a mile wide. A nice end to a wonderful day remind us all how important our freedom is to all of us. I hope to never forget the 9/11 terror attacks, and these are just a few of the reasons that we should remember why this tragedy should wake us all up.

      God bless us all!

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        It’s good to see you back and in good spirits Sherp. I did Wildcat-D 2 years ago on short notice and it was a good start for me in the FOT-48 initiation. Hope to see you hiking one day soon.

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          SherpaK: Welcome back my friend. Good to have you back in the mountains. LarryD

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            Awesome report! You have come a long way over the past 5 months and it is fantastic that you were able to participate again this year. You also had some mighty fine company! We missed you at CMR, but I can certainly understand not camping in the rain…

            Sherpa John
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              Welcome Back SK!

              SJ :flag:

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                Glad to see you made it back SK, we were talking about you on Jackson this year. I didn’t realize you were going up. Congrats on being back on the mountain, and I hope you can make it up on your own soon.

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                  Another great day. I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in this event the last couple of years. Thanks again Sherpa for letting me fly that memorial flag. It means a lot to the folks I carry it for. It’s amazing how well the weather held off until all the flags were down…

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                    SherpaK you cease to amaze me.
                    What a wonderful person you are.
                    I know I kid with you alot (someone’s
                    gotta push you). We miss you hiking
                    with us.
                    When I saw you up on Wildcat D so
                    proudly hanging our flag for all the
                    people who lost their lives on Sept 11,2001.
                    I was amazed at how well your doing, even though
                    your still in recovery you took the time
                    to be with us on the Flags for the 48th.
                    Your a true hero! Thanks to all who participated
                    in this event.
                    God Bless America!!!!!

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