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      I am confirming my party for Wildcat A. I will have two other people with me. We will start the climb at the base of Wildcat D around 6-6:30. We will get up Wildcat D take some pictures and head over to Wildcat A to plant our flags. See you there!!

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        This is tycho32 from this forum. My email address is

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          My son and I will be doing Wildcat D but don’t plan to leave quite as early as you. By your note, you will go up the Wildcat Ridge Trail from Rte 16 correct? That’s where we will ascend – from Pinkham via Lost Pond.

          I have only been up there a coupld of times – will we be able to see each others flags? We have almost 20 feet of pole.

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            Our pole is not quite that long but we shall see. I am going to get our flags as high as I can.

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              We did manage to get the flag up on Wildcat A. This whole trip was a mess from teh start. We started from my house at our usual time 3:30 but we managed to miss a turnoff that got us way out of our way. We did not start on the Lost Pond Trail until a little later than we intended and were worried about making the summit bu noon.
              While on the Lost Pond Trail one of the three of our group twisted a bad ankle that he has been having problems with and we lost him from the group. He did not leave however before we spotted a momma and young moose on the trail with us. I have seen them from a car before but never from within five feet on a trail that you intend to use. My friend got some great video footage of the pair before they went for a swim. We then headed up the Wildcat Ridge Trail and may I say up is the operative word. We Wildcat D but just kept moving so as to get to A by noon. We did arrive before noon. Five minutes before noon. Just enough time to get our US flag Air Force and Marine Corps flags up. On the way over from D we ran into two park rangers (I think) who asked us why we had a flag. When we explained what we were doing they asked if we intended to leave them there. When we said no they seemed placated.
              Actually the only flag that we saw from our vantage point which was not actually the summit but the vista near it was our own. We did see the D flag on the way back. We had one family a solo hiker and three men while we were there. As we were leaving we had another two women come through. They all read the summit sign and asked about this website.
              On the way back we saw the fox that dirt talks about and got some footage of him before we went down the ski slope. Let me tell you that was MUCH MUCH easier.
              I will definitly do this again next year though hopefully on a mountain where we can see more.

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