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      Since there seems to be a consensus on one of these two places, let’s put it to a vote.


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        Either is good with me. I just want a place to sit, grab a bite to eat, and chat about the day. I can’t wait to meet everyone.

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          O.K. I’ll admit that I’m the 1 vote for the Woodstock Inn 😳 Either location is fine with me, but could someone fill me in on what type of beer/food the Mooseland Grill has? I’ve never been there and I’d like to enjoy a quality brew :beer: or two after the hike instead of the usual Bud’s and Coors. :angry:

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            I’ve eating there many times but never ordered beer so I do know their complete selection. I do know that Guinness is served.

            Whether you order a club sandwich or a dinner, Mooseland has huge servings of great food at very low prices. You will find it difficult to finish your food and you’ll enjoy it very much.

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              Stopped there today after a super Ike hike, spoke to Dawn (owner) and let her know that 50-60 of us are coming for her wonderful food on 9/11.

              All portions are most generous in size (read huge!)starting with a selection of 17 appetizers $3.25-$7.95.
              Soup and salads $2.95-$7.95.
              Burgers w/l,t,o and fries $5.50-$6.95.
              Club sandwiches with fries or pasta salad $5.95-$6.95.
              Dinner Entrees of beef, pork, chicken, pasta (lasagna, parmesan, marsala etc.) and a large selection of seafood $7.95-$17.95.
              Calzones and pizza (w/shrimp if wish!) $5.95-$16.50.

              In addition to the common beers, they have Red Rack, Tuckermans, Pig’s Ear, & Guinness.
              I guarantee you’ll love it!

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                So is it official? Should we post a sticky or notice somewhere that the Mooseland is the place? Email the participants to invite them?

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                  A sticky for sure.

                  A nice “you are cordially invited to attend an after flags get together” has got to feel like a special invitation.

                  I’m all for both MJ!

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                    Good heads up idea giving them advance warning. We should maybe try to nail down a general number to give them and call them about 10 days ahead of time to confirm with them. MtnMagic is not kidding about the portions size, considering he ate and ate and ate last year…… 🙄
                    I wonder if they could cordon off that back room area just for our group that day? Perhaps it would be good to nail down a group photo time to include as much people as possible.

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                      The owner said a mere 1 or 2 day notice is more than sufficent. I re-asked and she said 60 an hour, not a problem!

                      The Saturday night regulars need to eat, drink and play their pool games. Plenty of room for us!

                      Cal, if you can’t finish your meal, well I guess maybe, i’ll help finish it for you! 😛

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               has Mooseland food gift certificates, $25 certificate for $5. Valid for food only. (Alcohol is up to the establishment owner)

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                          It’s true, what a deal! Thank you for letting us know Outtabreath.

                          To read all about the restaurant description and to grab a great bargain click here!

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                            Has anyone checked with the Mooseland Grill to see if these would be accepted at the Post Event Gathering? They could say we are all one party.

                            From the web page:

                            Limit one (1) gift certificate per redemption. Only one gift certificate can be use per party, even if the party is seated at separate tables and/or receives more than one check.

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                              One coupon per mountain(group) seems resonable, since we won’t all be there at the same time. One coupon for the entire FOT48 group does not. :flag:

                              If they already know we’re coming they may not be very resonable on the coupons. Someone with good negotiating skills should call and check… that would not be me. :argue: 😀

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                                Well, let ’em know we’ll all vote for the Woodstock if they stick with only one coupon for the whole FOT48.

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                                  😆 That might work. :beer: :flag:

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