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      instead of a registration fee how about charging everyone $5 a year for each flag over thier avitar – that way the the ones that use it the most, pay the most (oh no, i just realized i now have 2 flags) then we could make double & triple masts to raise more money.

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        How about keeping it on a volunteer basis like it was first started as? This looks like it’s forming into a business venture rather than a solemn remembrance event.

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          @LOMU wrote:

          How about keeping it on a volunteer basis like it was first started as? This looks like it’s forming into a business venture rather than a solemn remembrance event.

          Are you willing to help pay to keep the site up? Otherwise we can relegate this back to a thread on another website.

          Even the most solemn remembrance comes at a price and has overhead. Someone has to pay for the logistics. For this year it’s come for the most part out of my pocket, with a little help from a couple other folks.

          I’m not in a place to shell out the full amount this year. I wish I were, but I’m not. Sorry.

          My request for donations is so that we will not become a business venture. I’m not looking for compensation for the many hours we (the admin team) spend designing, programming and maintaining the site. I would just like to see the financial impact be minimal.

          If you feel that this desire is greedy or a “venture” then I’ll happily set it down and allow someone more “giving” to take it over.


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            I agree with Stephen that this is a lot of work for a few good people. I can reiterate my position, which is to add this site to my hosting plan (which allows the group to host the site free), and I’ll even pay the $15 to register the domain each year. For the math-challenged, that means that this site would operate completely free, notwithstanding the many hours of work the boys put in to managing it. No one would even notice a change, except Stephen, who likely gets the bill each year.

            I’ve presented this offer to the admins of the site, in case anyone is interested, and they have taken it under advisement.

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              All clubs and organization (this is both and yet neither) require a lot of work to keep things running smoothly. A website alone takes a lot of TLC to keep it running smoothly and to make the many modifications that are required/reqeusted.

              Having been a founding member of a large Sea Kayaking club on the North Shore, I personally know exactly how much work is done behind the scenes, and the drain on both personal time and ones pocketbook.

              All I did last weekend was go for a hike on a great day, enjoyed great views, and along the way talked to many wonderfull people as we shared our memories of a very tragic day. Yeah – carrried a few extra pounds of gear up the hill.

              In my mind Steve, Greg, and a few others are the key players that have done 90% of the work while we all enjoy the benefits.

              If the general feeling of the overall group is to keep this website/event completely volunteer based, then people need to show their support in terms of offering to fill a role for next years event, and by offering financial assistance to keep this site going.

              Steve – until a planning meeting can be held (who wants to volunteer to organize it?) maybe we can start with the supporters web page that was suggested. Just tell me where to send a check – it will be in the mail tomorrow.

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                BAM! You nailed that one on the head. I couldn’t agree more. I belong to the New Haven Bird Club. This club has outings run by volunteers at least twice a month. We have regular meetings once a month at a beautiful facility. A website and a news letter. The price of membership is $15.00, yet nonmembers are encouraged to participate.

                The FOT48 volunteers have worked behind the scenes at there own expense. They are webed feet of the swan, nobody sees how hard they work, they just see a beatiful white bird gracefully glide across the water.

                FOT48 could be run like a museum…suggested dontation. This could keep it opened as it is. People can ante up for a good cause. There would be funds to maintain the site and to use for deposits for the after hike event.

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                  Just tell me where to send the check and I would be more than happy to pay the fees for the year. You guys donate more than enough in time, let us pick up the monetary side at the very least. 😀

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                    Just for the record…

                    I dislike the idea of avertising on this site due to the nature of it. This event was organized to be a “grass roots” living memorial, to remember, honor, and pay tribute to those who were affected by Sept 11th (which includes most everyone). It was also organized to give people an outlet to patriotically express themselves. To help them deal with and cope with all of the emotions that have gripped us since that horrific day….

                    If we are talking about raising the $205 to cover the web hosting fees, then I am all in favor of coburg’s suggestion, which seems to solve the problem, and negates the need for any donations (though I think that it is fantasitic that people are stepping up and willing to contribute)


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                      IMHO, advertising and fot48 would not be a good mix as it would change the character of the site (and the event by linkage). My recommendation is to add a “Donations” link on the home page. Traffic has probably already peaked for this year, so add this ASAP while people are still checking in on the 2004 event. Deposit the donations in an escrow account. I think you’ll find that this years costs will be covered in short order, as well as a good portion of next years costs.

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                        I think Coberg’s generous offer makes a lot of sense. We could also pass the hat at the next gathering for the 15 dollars and any incidental expenses.

                        If we do end up pre-paying for food and a place to gather, I think it makes sense to try to build in a margin for safety and possible expense money.

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                          In retrospect, I feel many of you are probably right. Advertisements on this site could change the character of it and the event. We are considering what the best approach is in terms of the site’s expenses.

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                            We have a 128 members as of now .If every one made a $5:00 donation that would be a total of $640.00
                            would cover for at least 2 1/2 years at which time you could ask for another donation. Your donation will be the time invested in maintaining the site, which is greatly appreciated . But will defray the cost.



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