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      I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who participated in this past weekend’s planning meeting. Special kudos to SilentCal for arranging what turned out to be an awesome campground. We got a lot accomplished and all signs point towards this year being another wonderful memorial to 9/11.

      Now I need to wash the smoke smell out of everything…

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        Btw it was Bob & Geri who initally got us this wonderful site. Thank you B&G, it was the best one yet, a most productive weekend, and a location I vote to have a Flags planning meeting again.

        I sure hear you on the smoke smell! Thank you all for your participation.

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          Absolutely!!! Thank you everyone!! Good ideas and quick work made the 2005 planning weekend happen. It was a fabulous time. Those of you that couldn’t make it… were missed.
          The campground was perfect; great price, great bathrooms, easy to find, close to town, not far from so many cool hiking places and what a group that gathered!! The meeting was very productive, SilentCal and MichaelJ took on the enormous responsibility of getting the ideas and information out to us all.

          The hike up Garfield was great but challenging for me… eight months of sitting on my backside and two feet of snow… 😮
          somewhere ahead of me… Jules was grinning.

          It was a long winter and I was so happy to see some old friends and equally happy to have made new ones!

          Vicky fed the entire campground or could have with the vegie goodies she prepared for all of us.
          Sonic Boom’s side kick (no trail name yet) simply amazed us with such determination and a good spirited nature!
          The CHRIS & CHRIS team rolled in with a two bedroom condo and provided spontanious comedic entertainment along with Pucknuts and Brownie who actually found enough space in their vehicle to stash a cribbage board!
          Great people, great place, not so great weather. Jeepers it’s good to be back!!!

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            @dirt_girl wrote:

            The CHRIS & CHRIS team rolled in with a two bedroom condo and provided spontanious comedic entertainment.

            Sorry we forgot to bring the flat panel TV, I know you were all hoping to watch the SOX game!

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              Once again the hiking community steps out of the woods and proves to be a total class act.
              It was great to put faces with names and to meet the people that contribute so much time and effort into the event.
              Thank you all for a great weekend of fun and friendship, and for all the determination in keeping the solemness of Sept 11 alive in everyone’s heart. :flag:

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                I so sad. 🙁

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                  Not only great, clean bathrooms, but even heated AND with free hot showers with very nice music too. It doesn’t get any better!

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                    I hear all you guys on getting the smoke smell out of your gear. My tarp smells like !@#$%&.

                    I take none of the credit on picking the campground. I’d like to thank Bobandgeri for the great recomendation on the campground. We could not have asked for a better enviroment to hold this meeting and I seriously suggest that we consider this place for a pre-hike gathering in September. I may even bring my boom-box to hang by the bathroom window to ensure that MichealJ listens to “Uptown Girl” while he showers! 😆

                    The weather was not so great but niether was last years. But if it’s an omen, our event’s weather will be fantastic.

                    It was great to meet some of the old Flags gang and meet some new faces as well. While the planning of this event should get easier as the years go on, I would hope that we could continue to do a gathering weekend in Springtime to get new ideas, input from other folks and of course hike! I think we have a ideal place now to gather. Great for tenters, and some close spots for RV’s and a cabin nearby.

                    Chris, you are slacking, we NEED that Flat panel TV for next year.. 😆

                    Sonic Boom’s new sidekick’s name? I think that “Ladybug” fits okay! Congrats on your first 4000 footer Becky!

                    Now I need to get Vickie to post more…. 😆 My god does she put on a spread!

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                      No more #@$%! Billy Joel!
                      (cranks the Ozzy to clear his head)

                      I wish I knew what smelled of smoke inside my car. That’s the latest mystery. All of this smoke smell is bringing back bad memories of the apartment fire two days after Fot48 ’02…

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                        “I’m going off the rails on a crazy train….”

                        Awesome meeting new faces and seeing the familiar ones. Sorry I wasn’t able to spend more time there, but I did have a blast hanging out and swilling a few Guinness’s :beer:

                        This was a productive fun meeting with some patriotic souls… It’s people like you who keep this event alive… :flag:

                        SilentCal, excellent job with the planning and organization!

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                          I don’t think eneough credit can be thrown your way. Sure, everyone is great, dedicate, etc…but at least in my case, and I am sure others, your leadership was greatly appreciated.

                          Nice meeting everyone for the first time or once again. I do believe this year will be our best yet!!! :flag:

                          Vikki, Jackson keeps complaining I don’t give hime his “special” dog bones, like that nice hiker lady. 😉


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                            Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed the campground – it’s one of our favorites in the Whites. Sorry we couldn’t be there to participate and see everyone – damm work trips :<

                            See everyone on the trails this Summer :flag:

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