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      Does anyone know of any pay showers I can stop at in the Twin Mountain area. I’m staying at Zealand/sugarloaf cg and from what I can gather there are no showers here. My fellow hikers and I would like to “freshen up” before going to Mooseland grill. :flag: :beer:

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        My fellow hikers and I would like to “freshen up” before going to Mooseland grill.

        Why would you want to stand out in the crowd so bad 😛 :flag:

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          a) I don’t know any
          2) I’m on Garfield and I’m staying in Lincoln, so I’m not showering between the hike and the Mooseland. There will be such a group stench that nobody will notice. 😀

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            I’m staying st Sugarloaf 1 , just freshing up, not showering.

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              Showering? Freshing Up?

              I’ll “shower” you with a nice “fresh” libation my friend!! :beer:

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                On most of my hikes I have a half gallon of water, liquid soap, face cloth and a towel stashed away in my car. That way I can at least wash the first layer of dirt off before I head to a restaurant for dinner. Oh yeah, I usually keep a full change of clothes in my car too. I always assume I’m going to fall into a river on every hike and will need a dry change of clothes.

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                  I won’t fall into a river, but will still need a dry change of clothes.


                  Little Bear
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                    A couple of Wet Ones and some dry clothes are all the “freshening up” I do after a hike. No need to shower on our account!! 😉

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                      I am with most all of you – Wet-Wipes are in my basic pack supply bag, and always have dry clothes and shoes for relaxing. 😛

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                        Does this mean we should leave the suit and gown at home?

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                          You guys crack me up. 😆 😆

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                            Sorry, but that hiker smell is dutifully required. As long as it does not peel paint, you’ll be fine

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