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      what’ve most people done ? I figure the fewer holes I need to drill in the pole, the more stable it will be.

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        When I had a pole I would I put a pair of eye bolts through, one at the top and one X feet down. Then a simple little carabiner could be used to clip the flag onto the eye.

        The catch is then raising the pole with the flag on it, a potential challenge in wind, and also keeping the flag from touching the ground.

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          @chip wrote:

          what’ve most people done ? I figure the fewer holes I need to drill in the pole, the more stable it will be.

          Duct tape is your friend! 😀

          Hey, maybe we should have a practice session Friday night at KOA!

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            I think I’ll be raising it. My flag pole is going TO KICK BUTT !!! Height will be about 25′ but “Paradox” is bringing the flag,
            a 6×10 on Saturday, so I’ll have to practice with someone else’s on friday.
            ( 😡 no rude pole comments please. 😉 )

            What time are you getting to the KOA ?

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              We have used a simple stainless hose clamp with a small loop of nylon through the grommets – works great and easy to carry. With several helpers, getting the flag raised without the flag touching the ground is fairly easy.
              Check the pix at Wildcat-D 2004 (link on my signature below).

              Sherpa John
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                Last year I drilled 2 holes in my PVC pipe… one where each grommit of the flag would be. Then just ran a bolt through the hole and grommit and tightened it with a wing nut.

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                  Team B&B on Garfield will be using a halyard pulley system new this year.

                  Main reason being the flag is a 8×12, hefty handfull to raise.
                  Last year we used a 6×10, tied directly to 18’x 1-1/2″ O.D. PVC pole. What happens during flag/pole raising can be difficult if not impossible in a good breeze.
                  The pole gets bent considerably before you get a chance to stay-line it out secure. Next problem becomes trying to get the pole vertical while flag is under load.

                  So, with those lessons learned I decided to go with a halyard/pulley hoist system.
                  Benefits being:
                  1) Can raise the pole without flag loading and then can fine tune the stays.
                  2) Halyard will help tune pole vertical by acting as a plumb line with a small weight attached.
                  3) Can raise flag in traditional manner, safely unfurling it and keeping it from touching ground.

                  Many new things to consider when going “big time” sized flags!


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                  Lincoln 2004

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                    I’m wondering if the flag can be carabinered to eyebolts, but also lashed to the pole during the raising. Then, yank on the lash to free the flag once it’s all raised.

                    Lowering would still be tough, I would imagine.

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                      I suggest trying out your design in your backyard first. Hopefully you get some good breezes to test it out. On Jackson, you’ll find some rocks around to help anchor your pole, so that should not be too much of a problem. Your flags weight is crucial too. It doesn’t seem like much, but flapping in the wind during a really good breeze will certainly test your pole design. The Gallery from years past has several great ideas that people use. Check them out.

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