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      I received the following two related questions via e-mail, and I thought I’d let the gang respond:

      “I am greatly moved by this simple gesture and would love to participate, my only problem is I am not an experienced hiker. The highest peak I’ve reached in the last ten years is Mt. Monadnock although I’ve hiked Cardigan in the past. The second issue is I would have to bring along my seven year old. Which peak would you suggest and trail on said peak? We are excited to participate! I also noticed that Mt. Washington is not spoken for, do we have to hike because I’d be willing to drive to the top and display a flag, but I think she is a little out of my hiking league. Hope to here from you soon and thank you!”

      “We would like to participate, but have younger children, what would be a good choice to climb?”


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        Of the peaks that are left, I think the best option might be Wildcat D. While none of the hikes in the Whites are easy, some are particularly tough (such as the Hancocks). The rest of the options are either particularly long, or steep. IMHO.

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          Or you could join me on Cannon. Hiking to the top (2 miles) would be harder than Monadnock. Or you could take the tramway to the summit and back if it’s too much for the little one. Driving to Washington is another option. Getting the flag there and flying it for the right reasons is much more important than how you accomplish it. There are no bonus points for doing extra hard work. Being part of the commemoration means a lot.

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            I believe in another post, driving to the top of Washington to display a flag was mentioned – a great way for the younger folks to join in!

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              Plus my post is no longer an option, since Wildcat D has been taken!

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                If you are not that experienced and question the abilities of your group, perhaps one of the summits with tram or car access would be a good idea. Cannon Mt. would be a great choice because of the tram and it would be good for the youngsters to try to spy out other flags from other summits. (i only saw flags on Garfield and Flume last year). There is a viewing glass on the summit tower so I’d advise bringing some quarters to look through it. Hopefully if the weather cooperates you can see some flags across the Franconia range and maybe the Kinsmans as well. Kudos for bringing your child to the event. It can be something they remember for a long time.

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