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      Hey all,

      I recieved a letter today from a resident in Dover who was moved by the article. She wrote a poem last year following the 1-year anniversary, and felt compelled to send a copy along to me.

      But it has given me an idea: how about having notebooks or a clipboard at the base of each flagpole, so people could add their thoughts if they so choose. We could then transcribe those on to the website following the event. Just a thought…

      Anyhow, here is the poem:

      WHERE WAS GOD ON 9/11?

      Where was God on 9/11?
      God was in His holy place,
      Watching over his creation,
      Blessing those who sought His face.
      Guiding thousands from the towers
      To the safety of the street;
      Some missed planes or changed their planning;
      Some were led in ways discrete.

      What of all the rest, you question,
      Those who are no longer here?
      God did not abandon any;
      Each of them He still holds dear.
      Though we can no longer see them,
      They are safe with God above;
      Living, joyous, and forgiving,
      Held forever in His love.

      What about the perpetrators —
      What could they have hoped to gain?
      They will find full compensation
      Not in paradise, but pain.

      Where was God on 9/11?
      Filling every bit of space
      Of His pure, eternal kingdom,
      Loving all with tender grace.
      If we’re faithful, we will find Him
      Even in the darkest night.
      Trust in God; do not forsake Him;
      He will lead us to His light.

      Dorothy Nash
      Dover, New Hampshire
      September 21, 2002

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        I like to idea of a daybook so others can share their thoughts.
        Thank you Dorothy Nash for a wonderful poem!

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          I agree with the daybook idea. We will certainly do this next weekend. Dorothy Nash poem is very moving. I should add it to our summit literature along with Frodo’s statement.

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            Purchased one for the incredible low price of .25 for an 8.5′ x 11″ spiral bound at Wal Mart. I paid more than that when I was in school.
            Such a long time ago! 😉

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