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  • Jaytrek57
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      Ok…file this one under “life sucks”…..but..

      Have to withdraw from the Planning Meeting and I am not all that thrilled about the reason. 😥

      My friend’s bachelor party, I was told today, is scheduled for that week-end (rafting trip). Although I am tempted to tell the person who is organizing I am busy…this guy (groom) did make it to my party and well…being a guy…you just don’t do that type of thing.

      I am really disappointed. Was looking to take a more active role in this great event. I would like to extend an invitation to use my place (Camp in the Blue Hills) for any additional meetings that may be held this summer (pool, basketball, volleyball, dayhiking, etc.). Close to Boston and I will provide the beer/food (late August perhaps?).

      Anyways, I am truly sorry and look forward to the awesome ideas and plans that I know will be generated by this week-end.

      BTW….heaven and earth could not keep me away from getting a flag to a peak this 9/11. I’m MORE than in for that…and the Mooseland. 😛 Got everyone there American Flag bandanas…have to out do that this year.

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        Hi everyone, Me -also off exit 5W in the bustling metropolis of Nash. I cannot make the night of the 26th. It is my daughter’s dance recital and I can’t miss that. I will check in though as the news becomes available. I can’t wait to do my 3rd year also…really looking forward to it. :flag:

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          I’m in. I’ll be arriving Saturday morning and hope to get in a Franc Loop hike on Saturday. I may also do a short hike early Sunday morning before leaving late morning. I’ll be bringing my small backpacking tent so if I can squeeze in at an existing campsite, that’d be great!

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            Hi All.

            I finally got around to updating the list based on the responses in this thread.

            Could you view the list and let me know if there are any additional changes?

            If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so by Clicking Here


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              Well wouldn’t you know it. It seems my family has gone and planned a big family reunion for the weekend of the 26th and 27th, relatives are coming in from all over the U.S. and I have to be there. Oh well, that’s life; So I won’t be at the planning meeting or any of the hikes that weekend 😥 , but on September 11th I’ll be planting a flag on a 4000 footer. :flag: That will be my birthday present to myself. See you on a summit or at the post-event gathering. :beer:
              Bob Palmer

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                I checked “Will Get” for the campsite as I will be there early Friday AM.
                I’ll have just one tent so if someone that is arriving later wants to share the site please PM or e-mail me.

                I also plan on hiking Friday if anyone else that is going to be there early is interested.

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                  😕 oops

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                    Pepsi, – MtnMagic and myself will arrive at the campground kiosk around 9 am. Hopefully we can all get some sites close to each other.

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                      If you each bring a tent and “claim” three separate sites, we can then consolidate as we arrive and replace with our own tents…

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                        I believe that’s the plan. After we claim the sites and setup, I am thinking of doing a shorter hike. Then resting in my hammock until people start arriving. I have a 16 x 20 tarp to bring along too. Intellicast figures for some scattered showers over the weekend.

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                          My plans have changed slightly. I’m leaving in the morning and trying to get some hiking in on Thursday. I’ll try and meet up at the kiosk on Friday but will leave something identifiable on the number post at the site if I’m out hiking.

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                            Thanks for claiming the sites Magic, Cal and pepsi. I know we threw around 5 PM as the official start time. Is this still the case?

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