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      I have a question for the organizers here.

      I’m an Assistant Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout Troop in Wrentham, MA and we have interest in participating in the event. My question is, should we attend the planning meeting, and if we do how does this affect our ability to register.

      I see that registration starts on July 4, and we intend on registering then. What is the selection process from there? First come, first served? Seniority in previous years?

      I’m just wondering, so that I can sell the event to our scouts, and our adult volunteers for going to a planning meeting.


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        Planning meeting is informal, held around a campfire, and anyone is invited, it’s wide open.

        The fairest way to handle registrations has always been thought to be first come, first served. If that were to change, it would be finalized at the planning meeting. We have not traditionally given a priority to seniority. Last year I did let slip (intentionally) the secret that the sign-up form was already available, and a few people from the meeting were able to sign up early. Based on feedback we’ve recieved, we will probably not repeat that.

        The signup kickoff date is not etched in stone either.

        Hope this helps! We’re honored by the troops that have participated in the past, and we’re glad to have you involved!


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          Thank you for your interest!!! It might make for a good weekend for the scouts. Last year. on Saturday, we gathered around the campfire around six and just tossed ideas and observations around. Everyone went and did their thing during the day. (hiking, shopping, whatever). There is another thread on the board with folks planning a hike.
          I have a feeling that peaks will go fast this year and we are trying to hammer out a contingency plan to get everyone included who wishes to participate. Thanks again and I think it’s great to have the Scouts involved!

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            It looks like we won’t be able to attend the planning meeting (we have a major camporee the previous weekend, and it will overextend us to make it up there on the following weekend). We, however, will be entering the lottery to participate on a peak, as the troop committee and Patrol Leaders Council have both expressed interest in the event.

            Thanks for all the info.

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              What peak would you and your troop be interested in? Perhaps we could discuss it at the planning meeting and help secure it?

              Just some thoughts.

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                After being away from the topic for a while, our troop is definitely unable to attend the planning meeting, but we will be entering the lottery for a peak.

                Can anyone give me some good advise for an “Easy” peak. The younger scouts in the troop won’t be able to handle a difficult route.

                Also, if anyone from the nearby MA area is going to the planning meeting, I’d be happy to talk with you offline about the capabilities our troop can bring to the event in terms of helping out.

                V. Palango
                Asst. Scoutmaster Troop 131, Wrentham, MA

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                  There are a number of easy peaks available. Those that come to my mind first are Osceloa, Tecumseh, and Pierce or Jackson. The routes to these peaks all have good footing, aren’t overly steep, and aren’t long.

                  If you can arrange a stay at Mizpah Hut (reservations) or Nauman Tentsite (no reservations) the previous night, you’re already on the trail and get a head start on Pierce or Jackson.

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                    MichealJ has some excellent choices. I believe a Boy scout troop from Dracut stayed at Osceola Vista Campground last year while doing both the Tripyramids for the Flags event. Osceola Vista would be a good basecamp to try and do Mt. Osceola from the Mt. Osceola trailhead on Tripoli Road. Also good from this basecamp is Mt. Tecumseh from the Waterville Valley parking lot trailhead. Both these routes are not too strenous and while Tecumseh is a shorter route, Osceola has better views.
                    You might also want to consider Mt. Hale from the Hale Brook Trailhead. Nearby basecamps for this peak could be had at nearby Sugarloaf Campground. I’m from Mass but at the other end of the state. I will be posting a grand overview of the meeting after it is over on the website to keep everyone up to speed. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for your interest :flag:

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