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      Peak Name: Hale

      Short description of rigging and pole system: Great PVC pipe system generously donated/delivered by anothr hiker at the summit. Flew great flag lent by Navy Seal . . .
      Any suggestion on improvements/changes for next year (optional): More publicity . . . . send out press release to media /schools/interested org.s : 8) [/b]

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        Peak Name: Cabot
        # of people in party: 3
        Short description of rigging and pole system: 10′ pvc with bell end cut in half and 8” plastic cable ties. Ended up flying the flag from the summit tree!
        Any improvements/changes for next year: Let’s do it up big!

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          Peak Name: Mt. Carrigain

          Short description of rigging and pole system: Ten foot electrical conduit served as the pole. Two fisheye screws attached to pole with grommet-capture clasps attached to the fisheyes. We used C-clamps and bungee cords to lash the pole to the side of the tower.
          Any improvements/changes for next year. Allowing Cannon, Washington and Wildcat D to have groups that want to participate but can’t manage the hike in. The Pemi Rim was well supported but Owl’s Head just screams of having something huge done. Grace won’t go back but for Flags’s, I will.
          Keeping some of the easier summits for a youth group. How about a veteran hiker who can organize a trip for beginning hikers to climb something like Hale, Osceola, or Jackson and experience a summit for the first time.

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            Mt. Kinsman South
            Hiked up alone
            I used two hiking poles lashed together – this worked so well on mount marcy on thursday that there was no need to try anything else on saturday (except that marcy had no trees like s.kinsman, on marcy i strapped my backpack upside down to a cairn and lashed the flag to the backpack)
            improvement: i would have liked to know about the get togeather at the end that i saw mentioned on this board – also i think 9/11 is on saturday nexy year – i’m not sure how many of this years participants will be doing thier own thing for 9/11 next year (i did — see so maybe next year it should be on a sunday for a better chance of participation? i know i will be back any year that it isn’t on 9/11.

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              Peak Name: North Kinsman
              Pole system: Three 6 ft fiberglass tree pruning poles that interlock and clip together lashed to a tree.
              Suggestions: I think a few more weeks of signup might do it. One big difference between this year and last were the number of folks that had heard of the event. Last year only one group knew of what we were doing. This year many summiters had previous knowledge, two groups knew because they came upon flagholders while hiking in 2002.

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                Ok , we did Osceola East on 9/13, there were 2 of us. My flag pole was a 6 piece aluminum sectional from my screen room . The flag was rigged up using an elaborate system of bungi-cords, pony til holders and some nylon shoe-laces .

                Suggestions? Only that it would be nice to really have good coverage. I hope that people saw the wonderful FRONT PAGE story in the Nashua Telegraph on Elizabeth Kovalcin on Osceola. The story was beautifully written. The Telegraph has been a great source in geting this story out, and I give them credit.

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                  Peak Name(s): North and Middle Tripyramid

                  Rigging: Aluminum poles from Sam’s Club. We lashed it to a tree with a bungy cord.

                  Comments: The three other hikers we met on the trail were really excited about what we were doing. I hope no one minds, but I also flew an Israeli flag to remember the tragedy that is going on there right now. I thought about flying a Liberian one as well, but I couldn’t get my hands on one.

                  I like the idea of keeping this thing going and I think the Telegraph article will give us some impetus next year. I’m interested to see just how many flags got up this year. I know that Galehead didn’t have one because that group cancelled.

                  I’d really like to see someone with a powerful telescopic lens on their camera get on Carrigain or another central mountain and get pics of the others from a distance.

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                    Peak Name: Moosilauke

                    Short Description of Rigging and Pole System: Used four (4) 4ft sections of 1″ white PVC pipe with PVC connectors. Inserrted a 6 ft garden stake through the bottom pipe to secure/hammer into the ground. Secured pipe sections with silver duct tape. Carried 50 ft of rope to cut for rigging. Used three lines/anchor points. Attached a 3X5 Flag using small bungee cord threaded through flag gromets and wrapped tightly around pipe.
                    Recommendations for improvements: I should have made the effort to get to Mooseland restaurant – sounded like it was a great post-op celebration. Thanks to the organizers. I participated last year (Moriah) and I hope I can continue this observance in the future. The responses of public make the effort an honor and a pleasure.

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                      NORTH HANCOCK
                      THE THREE OF US SET THIS UP IN ABOUT 15 MINUTES.

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                        Peak Name: Carter Dome
                        # of people in party: 3
                        Short description of rigging and pole system: 5 3′ sections of 2″ PVC pipe. Each pipe section was threaded at the ends which allowed them to screw together easily. Eyebolts were attached to the pole for securing the 5′ x 8′ flag with a length of cord. 3 sections of 33′ cord were secured to the pole beneath the flag and then staked to the ground for support.
                        Any suggestion on improvements/changes for next year (optional): mission statement at visitor centers and huts. mission statement at trailheads the day of the event. “unlisted” distinguishable peaks (e.g. mt hight) made available for the event.

                        This event was spectacular! We could have used a little more wind up there, but we were able to see flags on Jefferson, Madison, and Moriah with binoculars. Quite impressive, indeed.


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                          Peak Name: Tom & Field

                          Short description of rigging and pole system:The students used the local resources to raise the flag. Dave used a tree and the flag was donated to the school group by a local flag store. We all held a moment of silence and some students spoke a few words of their own. I feel as their teacher I was very proud of these young adults and expect great things form them in the future. We are going to post our picture on the website as soon as they are developed.
                          Any improvements/changes for next year: n/a

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                            Peak Name: Isolation

                            Short description of rigging and pole system: A small flag was brought to the summit, but I don’t have any pictures
                            available, sorry.
                            Any suggestion on improvements/changes for next year (optional):n/a

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                              Peak Name: Garfield

                              Short description of rigging and pole system: Flag sighted from other peaks.
                              Any suggestion on improvements/changes for next year (optional):n/a

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                                Peak Name: Eisenhower

                                Short description of rigging and pole system: 2 sections of PVC 5 feet each, with threded coupling @ end to connect. Eyelets and nuts through pre-drilled holes to clip flag to. Pics to follow shortly.

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                                  From Beth, Justin, and Spanky

                                  Peak Name: Waumbek

                                  Short description of rigging and pole system: My son (Justin), dog (spanky), and I (Beth Clark) did plant our flag on Mt. Waumbek from 11:55 to 2:00 pm on Saturday. All we had was a small detachable pole and flag that we used, but it surely did the trick. It was the same flag we used last year. We actually had a couple from Massachusetts that came up almost running for fear they had missed the flag. We meet several people who thanked us for taking the flag up to the top, and even more who wanted to know how they might get involved next year. I directed them to your web site. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share this experience with my son. It gave us time to reflect on the world today and how precious life is.

                                  Any suggestion on improvements/changes for next year (optional):I really can’t think of any. It was a great time and I think that the publicity in it self will keep this an event one that will return year after year.

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