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    If you split up from the two ends, you can do a key swap on the summit and that way folks can do through-hikes, which are always more fun than up-and-back.

    However you choose, please do split up for the sake of LNT principles and WMNF group size recommendations. Even if it’s just to start at different times from the same place.

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    Yay! A two page T&R!!!!!!

    I love the idea of swapping keys at the top. I would enjoy a through hike very much. Do I get to keep the other groups car until next year? I hope that I will be trading up. Something newer would be nice….

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    okay – just let me know if you decide to go up the Kangamangus. I know our group is better off going up from Tripoli Road. I will bring the Flag and see you on Sunday.

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    OK. Unless there is something I have forgotten, as often happens, the plan now looks like this:

    The USPS team goes up from Tripoli Road (Team T). Myself, greenice, JBarr, and two un-registered friends will go up from the Kanc (Team K). This will bring the total to 13 people at the top. I have not had any communication with Dave Danger. You out there?

    Team K will meet at the Greeley Ponds Trail (Kancamagus end) at 9AM sharp. The route up is approximately 3 miles. A vehicle may be dropped off before hand at the starting point of Team T, for those that want to through hike.

    Team T seems to have everything under control on their end. We will be flying the Groton Post Office flag at the top.

    Everybody meets at the top at noon(ish). I will be bringing a camera, mission statement in print, flag pole and rope. I will also have a small backup flag if anything goes wrong.

    It is very likely that I (and two others) will through hike to Tripoli Road after the event – depending on transportation available at the other end.

    I will be out of communication starting Friday evening, and will be goofing off in the Mountains all day Saturday.

    Now the important stuff:

    If team K brings the peanut butter, will team T bring the jelly? Perhaps we could get the Osceola peak group to bring the bread. Teamwork will get us lunch! Alone we will be scooping stuff out of jars with our fingers, but together we can make sandwiches! It will be glorious. Are you with me? I can’t hear you…. ARE YOU WITH ME?!?!?!
    GO TEAM!!!!

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    I would like a copy of the mission copy that you are bringing up on Sunday. Could you make an extra copy for me (or tell me where to locate a copy of it myself)?
    The USPS wants to publicize our hike in its magazine. I am bringing a digital camera Sunday just for that purpose. Would you mind taking a pic of our cru? Can’t wait – the weather is going to be gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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    They have posted a copy in the general discussion forum, under “In years past, there was a printable statement thingy….”.

    I would not mind taking pictures at all. I just have to remember to keep my thumb out of it.

    See you Sunday!

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    hey all, the hike from tripoli up osceola tr. should take ake about 3 hrs or so crossing osceola to east(2 peaks in 1)
    the dir. from the kanc sounds to be “one of the more strenuous hike in the white mtn region”
    i know this is a late post but i will be heading on the tripoli trailhead(osceola) around 8, 830 in morn. (crazy prefernce to early hikes)
    any wishing to join ill meet you there, otherwise good luck, keep the memory alive, and SEE YOU AT THE TOP

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