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      Welcome and Trip and route info for Mt Willey hike.

      We’re excited for the Flags on the 48 hike of Mt Willey (4,285’) on September 8th. If you’re planning to bring a friend please ensure they are signed up as we are capped by FOT48 at 10 people total.

      Lorelei M, who is in our group, is my wife. Lorelei and I are experienced hikers with 25 of the NH 4,000 footers completed. We’ve done all of the ten highest, hiked to Greenleaf Hut amid rime ice, summited Moosilauke in micro spikes and finished Tecumseh in snowshoes. (We’re also just a mid-40’s normal hiker couple who loves to eat cheeseburgers after we hike).

      Our route; we are going up Kedron Flume Trail, to Ethan Pond Trail, to Willey Range Trail, to the summit. This route was chosen for a few reasons; it’s the AMC’s suggested route to Mt Willey and the route has some interesting sites; Kedron Flume and a series of man-made stairs. Also, the trailhead is at an easily found location with lots of parking (Willey House).

      The alternative (Avalon Trail) which leaves from the Highland Center is less challenging but 1.6 miles longer, one way. Our route has stairs and maybe some scrambling so I inquired with a lot of hiker friends for a second opinion. They assured me it is the right choice.

      Trail guide comments:
      “Hiked with my 10&12 year old. Some difficult sections. The trail off the tracks is steep and requires the use of hands. The flume is beautiful and views of surroundings are wonderful. Some fallen trees across path and at times the path is narrow.” (fallen trees cleaned up since posted)
      “A bit craggy at times up the mountainside, but a decent ascent that my 6 and 7 year old children handled well. Definitely not a leisurely “stroll” as the elevation change and rocks make for some interesting footings. But the cool river of the flume is a great picnic spot. Those more adventurous can continue on this trail to the Mt Willey summit and cross this 4,000+ footer off their list.”
      Facebook comments to my post; Ladders/stairs/heights make me nervous, but I found that by turning around and going down them backward so I could hold on during the descent made it easy. <> no biggee says this mediocre 50 yr old <> Going up them is not difficult at all, I went both up and down the ladders with my 12 year old. Take it mindfully and carefully, you’ll fine. Extra caution though if it’s wet. <> If you join The 4,000 Footer Club on Facebook you can see the whole exchange (search for Willey Range Trail).

      Bottom line; I’m trying to reassure you that the hike route is reasonable for White Mountain peaks hikers, but also make you aware that this is a strenuous hike. Consult your doctor if you’re not an experienced hiker. With all that said; we’ll have a good hike and a great time while we honor an important day.

      Meet & Route info:
      • 8:15 – Meet at Willey House on Rt 302 for introductions. For anyone that wants to help – we can distribute flag gear.
      o Find us: I will be flying a flag from the back of our blue grey Jeep Wrangler as long as I can get a parking spot at the main lot.

      o Please don’t be late
      • 8:30- packs on, boots tied & feet moving
      o Kedron Flume Trail to Ethan Pond Trail
       1.3 miles | 1,150 ft of gain | 1hrs 15 minutes
       Turn right onto Ethan Pond Trail
      o Ethan Pond trail to Willey Range Trail
       .3 miles | 230 ft of gain | 0hrs 15 minutes
       Willey range trail continues straight ahead while Ethan Pond veers left/west.
      o Willey range trail to Summit
       1.1 miles | 1,600 ft of gain | 1hrs 20 minutes
      • 11:30 – 12:00 Arrive at peak and set up flag
      • 12-2 fly flag and scan the skies for a military flyover, maybe.
      • 2:00 disassemble flag pole and return by same route

      I’ve done a test assembly of the flag (see the FB group) and feel we’re in good shape.

      Things you should do please:
      1. Prep your gear, it’s rain or shine and we have 2-3 hours at a windy cool summit. (and pack snacks and a lunch)
      2. Review the trail descriptions, as you would in your own hike planning.
      a. Be sure you are comfortable with 2,900 feet of gain and 5.4 miles of distance (RT) this is rated a strenuous hike.
      3. Be sure you know where the Willey House is and travel time with some traffic.
      a. Note this is not Willey Station Road which has a parking lot at the end of a small road. Willey Station Road is a little harder to find but the names are similar. We are at the easily found Willey House.
      4. Reply to me with your email please – current I can only contact you thru the Flags on the 48 website which isn’t good for any last minute updates/issues. This discussion page is great but I don’t have mobile access to it.

      Please note: If I haven’t heard from you I don’t know you’ve received the meet plans we can’t wait for you at the trail head. Also – if you cancel please let us know so we’re not waiting for someone who isn’t coming.

      Most important; please tell me what I’ve overlooked. It is so much better to be corrected now than on the trail later.

      Thanks – apologies for length of email.
      Jor / 617 448 2225

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