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      The group began to assemble at Lowes Store on Route 2 in Randolph a little before 7am. Eventually our group heading up included: Brenda, Craig(Puck), Henry(Ishmael), Jim, Kyle, Laurie, Tim(Bikehikeskifish), Tom(tfr), and myself. Two dogs cam along: Finn, and Zippy. We tried to pay the parking fee, but when the owner learned what we doing he would not accept it.

      We geared up with plenty of water and and the equipment for the pole and headed out from the parking lot about 7:10 am. Lowes Path is typical of most North slope paths in the Presidential Range: easy grades in the first two miles, then moderate grades with slippery rock that requires care (particularly on decent), then varying grades with sharp talus for the last third above the treeline. It was a crystal clear day for the most part with spectacular views once we reached Grey Knob.

      Tim, Kyle and Craig were the first to reach the summit. I got there about 11:05 am and we immediatley set about hoisting the pole. I had come up with a rather complex arrangement that worked well: a 10′ length of 1 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe that allowed a 6-11′ extending painter’s pole to slip into it for about a foot. Three bridle lines stabilized the middle portion of the pole. Three guy lines held it up nicely, one directly to windward (The wind direction did not vary throughout the day.) We made an attempt to hoist the large 6’x10′ flag but felt it would be overpowered and immediately went to the 3×5′ flag. The flag was up by 11:30 am. I have a “Kestral” handheld anemometer that measured wind speeds of 17-23 mph at about 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. The wind speed dropped to 12-15 mph while we were engulfed for ten minutes in a passing cloud. We flew three flags throughout the day. The American flag, the Battle of Bunker Hill flag, and the Gilford Fire Department flag.

      Left to right: Kyle, Tim, Laurie, Tom, John, Craig, and Henry. Dogs are Finn and Zippy.

      We were treated to wonderful views of surrounding mountains for most of our stay, getting good photos of the flags on Madison,


      and Washington.

      Some imagination is needed to make out the flags on Wildcat D

      and maybe even Carrigain.

      Tom was able to pick out some additional flags with binoculars on Cannon, Liberty, Carrigain, Lafayette, Lincoln, Field, Moriah, and South Twin.

      We reckon we had approximately 200 visitors through out the day. We dropped the flags at 2:00 pm and headed down all of us making it to the parking lot by 5:05 pm.

      We then headed for Fabyans for comestables and imbibables.

      Additional photos and GPS track on Wikiloc:

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          Nice write up and great pics!

          With LARGE binoculars, I found:

          South Twin
          Wildcat D
          Wildcat A ?
          Carter Dome
          Middle Carter

          Other mountains were visible, but could not see a flag.

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            Weather from MWO:

            Nice, eh? 110 miles visibility and light winds.


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              Great photos…great time..It was great we had a fireman with us too.

              Hope you had a great apres event

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                From Wildcat D we could see your flag, but at times it was flying straigh in our direction so we were looking at the end of the flag,…still looked GREAT!

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                  Well done Team Adams! Also, it was nice to see you guys at Fabyans.

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                    Enjoyed your pictures. What a day we had to participate in this 9/11 memorial service.

                    Boo & Madhatter

                    2006 – S. Kinsman (visitor)
                    2007 – Mt. Passaconaway
                    2008 – Wildcat D
                    2009 – Mt. Field
                    2010 – Middle Carter

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                      Beautiful doggies.

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