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      Moriah—Team Windham Fire

      The incredible sunrise wiped away all of our memories of last years climb to the clouds up Jefferson. The anticipation of views was eclipsed only by the views that we ultimately experienced.

      Team Windham Fire started with our traditional night before stay in Moultonborough. We drove through the notch and met our peak coordinator (feldmrchl) and Team Zoran at the Stony Brook Trail head at 7:45, We all started together and the first half mile was a good warm up for what was to come. At about the half-mile mark we split into two groups and team Windham Fire took a faster pace. We all hiked our own pace until just after the Stony Brook Trail met up with the Carter-Moriah Trail. Just northeast of the junction was the first of countless breathtaking views. Team Windham Fire regrouped there and we started up for the last 1.4 miles to the summit. This 1.4 miles took longer than expected, not due to the difficulty but because every 50 yards or so the trail opened up to a new and more impressive vista. Behind and to our left the Presidentials came into view, The Carters were behind us and as we climbed higher we swore we could see east all the way to Portland Me.
      We hit the summit at 11:20, to find that the Blais’ and Zoe and Aaron, all who were on Jefferson with us last year, had beat us up taking a different route. The rather small summit quickly filled with people, some who knew about FOT48, and some who did not. All were very supportive and appreciative. Team Zoran reached the summit and the task of raising Old Glory commenced. This years raising went faster and smoother than lasts, mostly due to Ken’s engineering and as Chucky put it,” He’s got and amazing tool”. After the initial elation of all involved, the summit seemed to quiet some as each of us in our own way reflected on the meaning of the day and remembered those no longer with us. Also in my thoughts were the original six hikers on Mt Liberty 9 years ago, and the countless others who have made this event worthy of the people it is meant to honor.
      At 2 p.m. the flag was lowered and goodbyes were exchanged, The views experienced on the way up, were just as gorgeous if not more so, on the descent. The decent had a few spills but nothing more than a few scrapes and bruised egos and we were back at Stony Brook Trail head by 5:15 pm.
      All of us are eagerly waiting next year and reading other trip reports to help us choose next years peak.

      As a side note: The group that hiked Carrigain put small flags on Signal Ridge on the way up, I hope you don’t mind us stealing the idea next year, your pictures in the trip report were very moving. If you haven’t seen them look up : Flown from the highest fire tower in New England on 9/11/10 .

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