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    Our Crew gathered at the Gorge Brook Trailhead shortly after 8:30. We slowly began to spread out over the trail. Sonic Boom was just that as he flew ahead of us on the trail and set up his flagpole at the summit for everyone to see as they crested the ridge. He used the summit sign as a base for his pole and the Flag was flying proudly at about 11:00. I arrived with my flagpole around 11:30 and quickly started to fly my Flag. Many people stopped by the summit this day and many were drawn to the flags and the laminated signs that MichaelJ had provided us with. I also brought up my Flags Calander so people could see photos of other flag displays from the previous year. The weather was all we could have hoped for and we could see many gliders cruising the Franconia Ridge. We could not see the A-10’s but did hear the engines whine! We could not see any flags from our western perch but knew that Old Glory was out there. We recieved many positive comments and thank yous from folks that visited the summit. Can’t wait for next year!

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    Can’t wait for next year!

    It comes and goes so fast, doesn’t it? I’m with ya. In fact I think I’m going to take my flag to Bondcliff this Sunday just for the hell of it.

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