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      Another year … how quickly the years go by.

      I do this hike to remember those who died that day and also to honor the police and firemen who gave all to help their fellow New Yorkers and Americans.

      I grew up in NYC and watched those towers being built. There were 19 alumni from my high school, Saint Francis Prep, who became Heroes that day, two of which were in my graduating class – Vinny Giammona and Al Niedermeyer. I bring a special flag each year, called the Flag of Heroes, which has the names of my high school friends, and all the emergency services personel who died that day. (You can see a picture of the flag in the gallery.)

      I always look forward to this event, but on the ride over from Maine I always get very sad. What must it have been like to be climbing those stairs that day? I picked Mt Monroe in 2002 because of the staircase like trail going up the Ammo trail. I like to do the hike up alone so I can reflect and remember the Heroes. I will not forget them.

      Since 2002 Gary, Susan and I have done this same peak and have made a committment to do it every year as long as our knees will allow us. Gary always brings his clarranet to play for us, which adds tremendously to the experience. This year the official flag was put up by Frodo who is a good friend. It was very special to share this day with him, a fellow New Yorker. It was great to see Dr D. again, as well as Swamp Yankee, and all the others who visited that day.

      Thank you all for your participation.

      I will never forget!

      Mt Monroe – 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

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        A very nice trip report. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

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          Well said GO, well said…

          It was awesome hiking with you, Gary, Susan, and everyone else on this special day, and you said it all with “never forget”

          :flag: :flag:

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