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      To all interested in participating as part of Flags on the 48 on Middle Carter

      I am the Peak Coordinator for Middle Carter. I have not decided on a route yet. I already have a PVC flag pole and flag.

      In the past, I have climbed alone or with my daughter and I/we tried to fade into the background and allow those who encountered the Flag to experience it as they see it and see fit. When I raised the flag on Moosilauke in 2003, a person who identified himself as a Vietnam Veteran asked if he could take a picture of “my flag”. I told him it was “his flag”. He had to turn away to cry before he could take a picture.

      When I took the flag to Moriah in 2002, a hiker was completing his 48. He was from Groton MA. He asked to have his picture taken with the Flag. The day became doubly meaningful for him. I was glad to witness his joy and regard for the 9/11 Memorial.

      However, I was not able to participate in 2004, but my daughter accompanied a team on Liberty. She had a wonderful experience with the group and the group had terrific interaction with those that they encountered. I’m not big on socializing, but if you would like to participate on Middle Carter please look here for future details or contact me at

      Patrick Marr

      Moriah 2002
      Moosilauke 2003
      Baghdad 2004
      Middle Carter 2005

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        I intend to arrive at Nineteen Mile Trailhead between 0645 and 0700 with a 0705 🙂 departure time. I will take Nineteen Mile to Carter Dome Trail to Zeta Pass, then North along the Carter Moriah Trail. I am providing back up to South Carter and will have a small Flag to post on South Carter. If someone else decides to cover South Carter, I welcome the company (but will be moving slower than average I’m sure) or if you come upon the Flag I left on South Carter, please feel free to hoist your own Flag. If you get to South Carter before me, I will continue on to Middle Carter. I will return via South Carter to ensure that FOT48 leaves no trace behind.

        I have not had heard from anyone else about joining the effort for Middle Carter, but I’ll ask around at the trail head. I will have flag, poles and line for Middle Carter and a smaller set up for South carter as back up.

        Look forward to seeing everyone afterwards.

        CT 319

        2002 – Moriah
        2003 – Mousilauke
        2004 – Baghdad (Liberty in Spirit)
        2005 – Middle Carter

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          Thanks Patrick, for your help with the backup plan. It looks like it will not be needed after all. I hope you have a safe hike!

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            I will be watching for you from the north. I will have a 6×10 on a 20-foot pole.

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              We’ll be heading out on 19 mile brook probably a little after you for Carter Dome.

              Have a great hike!

              Nate Snow

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