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      David and I woke up in Dolly Copp on a very cold morning, packed up our site and drove over to the Pine Link Trailhead for 7:00. We made breakfast there and got ready to go. My pack was bulky with the flagpoles, two flags, and ropes but we were on the trail and moving at 8:00. Fortunately, the Pine Link starts out with some serious up, so we warmed up quickly! I had never hiked this trail so it was nice to have every step be a surprise. Given the fact that my load was a good 18 inches above my head, I was glad the trail wasn’t full of blowdown! David took up the rear and kept unsnarling tree branches from the poles sticking out of the top of my pack.

      We made excellant time up the first 2000′ but then I took a tumble on one of the exposed ledges and slowed my pace. As a result, our timing was off and we decided to go over the Howker Ridge and Osgood Cutoff to try to get up a little quicker. We were about 15 minutes late to the summit with a small group waiting for us! They were extremeley helpful in setting up the flags. I had one 6×9 flag and another 4×6 one (Thank you Dan!) that had all the names of emergency services workers who were lost on 9-11 listed on it. I brought up a journal that visitors signed.

      The day was perfect, with enough wind to keep the flags flying but not so much that they came down. We could see the flag on Adams, and what we thought was a flagpole (but not the flag…)on Wildcat.

      One very special moment was when a family of four (and their two canine members as well) made the summit and told us that this was their first successful 4000 footer. They came because of the FOT48 event. Just as we finished taking down the second flag (at about 2:30) a couple of men arrived from Madison Hut to see them, both of whom had lost someone on that day. I felt terrible that the flags were down already, but I got an e-mail address and will be sending photos.

      What an amazing day.

      I want to thank my Dad who, while he could not make the hike in person (he was certainly there in spirit), did design and build the flagpole system for me. And a special thanks to David for travelling a very long way to share the day with me.

      We left the summit around 3:00. Travelling down the trail with the odd load I had was challenging but we were back at the car by a little after 6:00. Got a bite to eat, washed up and headed home. A seven and a half hour ride for me and a nine hour ride for David! Every mile worth it. I am honored to have been a part of this event.

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        An amazing report.
        Thanks for traveling
        so very far to be a
        part of this event.
        Awesome job and hope your
        tumble didn’t have any
        serious lasting effects?


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          I am surprised that you did not see our flag on Moriah. We had a 6′ x 10′ on a 20-foot pole and the wind kept it going for most of the time. We did see your flag with the field glasses. SherpaKroto said he saw us easily from Adams as the background was green. I am guessing the “pole” you think you saw on Wildcat (D right?) was actually the radio tower next to the observation deck. Dirt and I did that peak last year.

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