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      I’m not the trip leader for Isolation, but I thought I’d post a route recommended to me by someone else:

      Glen Boulder up (steeper, shorter, good views)
      Rocky Branch down (flatter, longer, more trees)

      13.3 miles
      3800 ft elevation gain
      8:35 book time

      This requires a car spot, but with so many folks along we should be able to manage it.

      Looking forward to meeting the rest of the isolation crew.


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        As a four season hiker to Isolation throughout the years, and 3 attempts to summit just this winter (due to deep, unbroken snow ), I agree that Glen Boulder to Rocky Branch is the fastest & nicest route with a car spot. As long as one is not afraid of the small climb up to Glen Boulder.

        A little bit of climbing, lots of views, trees, enjoyment, a wonderful day, and usually a wet Rocky Branch trail out. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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          Would I be too much of a smart ass if I thought your best route was a helicopter?

          More power to ya, brother!

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            Where are isolation crew folks staying on saturday night? KOA sounds fun, but is awful far away. The Moriah crew is staying at Dolly Copp, which is much more convenient. (but less of a Gathering)

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              Moriah Crew has posted their Campsite number under their report. I hope you get to meet up with them to chat and swap stories.

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                I haven’t seen anyone else from Isolation crew posting here. For lack of any official organization, my plan is:

                * Visit KOA on saturday evening to hang with folks
                * Camp at Dolly Copp
                * Leave from the glen boulder trailhead at 6am
                * Summit around noon. We will have some rope, stakes, hiking poles, and a laughably small american flag.
                * Descend via Rocky Branch, hitch back to car if necessary
                * Dinner at Red Parka

                I hope to meet some other Isolation crew somewhere along the line.

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                  Good luck! Remind the Isolation crew to please remember to post their pictures here as well as trip reports.

                  Give Kaya a scritch for me!

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                    Hi all,

                    I’m not the peak coordinator but I am travelling with him so I thought I’d post the plans. We’re a group of 7 from the Worcester AMC/Young Members group.

                    We’ve planned this trip as a backpack. We’re heading up on Saturday afternoon via the Rocky Branch trail and staying at the camping area just before crossing the river near the Rocky Branch Shelter #2. We’ll leave our camping area around 9:30 taking the Isolation Trail to the Davis Path and should arrive at the summit before noon. Brad has a flag for the summit. We’re bringing pasta for a nice meal and have no other set plans for the summit other than a quick orientation lesson. Afterwards we’re heading back down the Davis Path and Isolation Trail to pick up our gear and then back down the RB trail. Then it’s back to Worcester. I don’t believe we’ll be heading anywhere for dinner.

                    If anyone from the Isolation group would like to join us we should be getting on the RB trail @ 3ish on Saturday afternoon. If you get this in time email me at before 4:30 on Friday or after that call (508)414-2720 for more info.



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                      Thanks for posting, Jen!

                      If you haven’t already, please read the newsletter as well.

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