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      Hoorah for Flags on the 48! :flag:

      The Isolation group was made up of a group from the Young Members of the Worcester AMC and a couple and their wonderful dog (Hi guys!).

      Most of us met, some for the first time, at the Rocky Branch trailhead on Saturday and hiked into the shelter in the daylight hours where we met 2 gentlemen already set up for the night (sorry guys if we kept you up). Later that evening we were joined by our last 2 group members.

      Next morning, we headed up to the tip-top of Isolation. After a pleasant, but muddy, hike we summited around 11:30 and met 2 men setting off for Monroe (hope you guys made it). We set about rigging up our flag (thanks to Wolftone for showing me how to make some cool knots). After multiple pictures we settled in for a pasta lunch (oops, forgot the wine) and fighting over the binoculars to see the other summits. Monroe and Eisenhower were the easiest to spot (boy, you guys on Ike looked awfully crowded) followed by Pierce. The other summits eluded our eyes. The day was clear and sunny with just the perfect amount of wind to keep the flags flying straight. We shared stories of where we were on 9/11 and before we knew it the 2 hours had passed and it was time to head back down. After picking up our things at the shelter we continued back down to the parking lot. Sorry we couldn’t join any of the post-flag celebrations but we still had a 3-4 hour drive in front of us. So, exhausted and content, we headed for home.

      Thanks to all the organizers of Flags on the 48. It is a wonderful memorial and I’m glad I could participate.


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        Thanks for your trip report, Jen!

        And since you were wondering, I’ll quote Dr. Dasypodidae’s trip report from VFTT:

        But, alas, that last five miles took us just long enough to see the flag come down as we walked across the Camel Trail, meeting our compatriots, along with friend KK, on their way down to Lakes Hut.

        Again, a ton of thanks to you and your fellow hikers for your participation this year – I’m glad Fot48 came to mean as much to you as to the rest of us.

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          Many thanks to the worcester amc folks for making sunflare, kaya, and I feel so welcome.

          Considering that we didn’t know which route we were hiking until 11am or so, I am shocked that it all came together so smoothly. Your route up Rocky Branch was definitely better than the Glen Boulder trip we had originally planned.

          #46/48! Almost done.

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