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      Is anyone else having trouble reaching their Peak Coordinators to set up their hikes??
      I heard from a new member that has tried to reach their P.C. by PM and e-mail with absolutely no response!!
      Kudos to the new member for being prepared to hike the peak anyway!
      Please check with all your people from the sign up page if you’re the PC. It’s the right thing to do.
      I’m hope this is an isolated case, we are a hiking community, united by conviction.
      This just shouldn’t happen…. right?!?!?


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        No, it shouldn’t, and I hope it has no bearing on coverage and commitment to the event.

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          Are you talking about my mountain?! I *still* haven’t heard from the PC, and I don’t mind taking over, but like I said before, it’s annoying not to know whats happening! Hope all the other peaks are all set to go! My crew is now up to 4. Should be a great day 🙂

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              Definately something we need to remedy at next year’s planning meeting. Thanks Jessbee for your patience with this.

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                I’ll take the hit on this one, folks. I had planned on phasing in a communication panel following the registration system, however the time to do so never materialized. I’ll be working in the off-season to make those improvements.


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                  Hello Jessbee,

                  I sent an email out to the PC of N. Kinsman last night regarding the issue, but have not received a reply as of yet. Some people who sign up might give an email address that they don’t check very often, and they also might not visit this site (which seems to be the case in this situation).

                  Please feel free to do your own thing and bring your own flag. The possibility of 2 flags flying on the summit is much better than none…


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                    agreed! hope to hear that everything goes well. good luck to all on their hike sunday.

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