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      We are going to need an organization plan to organize the potential hundreds of hikers who want to participate. Someone mentioned having people volunteer as “peak coordinators”. I think that is a great idea. When people sign on to commit to a peak, they can have the option to volunteer to be that peaks coordinator. They can communicate with the other people who sign on for that peak to work out all of the details (what trail to take, what time to meet, who has the flag..ect) There can even be more than 1 “peak coordinator” for each peak. Then we can break the 48 peaks into 6 regions, and each one of us in the committe would help coordinate one region of 8 peaks, mainly helping each of the “peak coordinators” with any questions or problems that they develop. This plan spreads out the organization process, and helps us to keep everyone together in a web of communication. What does everyone think?

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        that sounds perfect to me…so on the page on which we ask people to sign up, we’ll have to tell them to let us know if they are interested in being said coordinator…

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          Yes, this plan sounds very logical and manageable. I agree.

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            I like the idea of Peak Coordinators to help in the logistics of this event. I am also still willing to receive e-mails and keep a list via Microsoft Access and then covert it to a HTML file and then send it to AlpineZone for posting on the web. I can manipulate the data in a number of ways that can help keep track of which people want to climb which mountain.

            However, I’m not sure when we should start posting the list of mountains and start receiving requests. I still think it is too early and I personally would like to wait until the New Year before assigning mountains to people. Your thoughts?

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              There are 2 steps to this process. First we need to gather names of volunteers, and post them on the website (RJ has a good idea on how to do that), and then we can let the peak coordinators take over and actually take care of the details and the coordination of each specific hike. As for when we officially start taking names, I am about to post a new thread on that topic.

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