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      Chances are I’ll drive out Sunday morning, unless I combine my peak with an overnight backpack trip. Either way, I’d be highly unlikely to attend a Saturday pre-event meal.

      The Pizza bar sounds like a fine idea. I don’t know if sald, dessert and soda could be individual options.

      I was happier with Woodstock than with Mooseland, but the idea of a dedicated room is a plus.

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        I read along the various peak talk that there would be no rush to get down as the post-event gathering was not to happen. True!?!? What happened and/or are some gathering in their own neck of the woods to trade peak stories and quaff brews? I am in favor of the craft brews somewhere and maybe I will have to make a batch of my own to share!
        Part of it is the social part! :beer:

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          I agree – maybe a smaller scale, less “official” thing??
          We don’t need official sanction to say “a bunch of people from various peaks are going to meet at X”

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            What was wrong with Mooseland last year? Seemed ideal to me…

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              For the folks that arrived early, the Mooseland worked out. But as the crowd grew, the staff became overwhelmed and many folks had to wait over an hour for food. Some could not be seated and just left.

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                *Anyplace* would be overwhelmed if more than 100 people arrived in about an hour. At the planning meeting in May we decided on the the Woodstock KOA as a camping and pre event party on Saturday night. Nice 2 acre+ private “island” waiting just for us.

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                  It is not in the cards for me this year to attend any gatherings before or after the event. 😮
                  However, I’m happy to say that thanks to the skills and suggestions of MichaelJ and Cal… 💡
                  a small gathering could be happening at Guyot. Seems there are several of us hiking in that general area…
                  come on over, pitch a tent and stay awhile. I’ll be at Guyot Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.
                  I will miss my peeps but I know everyone is in good company wherever they may gather. 😀

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