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      Sorry I’m late with our trip report. We started out about 6:00 that morning, Marty, Carol and myself. Marty has had a bad year and has not been able to hike most of the summer, but decided he wanted to give this a try as this is our third year (Carol’s first). Carol and I hike slower and we talked about the awful events of 9/11 as we started our hike. The weather was perfect. We arrived on the summit at about 11:30 and found Marty had been there for about an hour. The rest of our crew arrived with Dundare. All were there for the flag raising and some helped tie the lines to hold it up. The breeze was just perfect and the flags flew proudly. At a little past 12, the A-10 came in and amazed and thrilled us all with rolls and wing dipping and flew sideways by us so close a few of us saw the pilot. Then away it went and flew straight at Lafayette and for a minute we thought it would hit the side of the mountain and then it went on to perform the show again and again. How many mountains did it buzz, we wonder? I do hope that pilot sees the website and knows how much we all appreciated the addition to the event. Most of the time, hikers came and took pictures and left. We had one thru hiker and some of his family there to meet him. One woman came up and said that last year she took a photo of Frodo’s group on Adams and had it published on the front page of a newspaper. She said she received letters from soldiers in Iraq thanking her and telling her how they missed the White Mts. With out binoculars, we were able to see flags on North and South Twin. Lafayette, Lincoln, Cannon, Liberty and two that were either on Bond, Bondcliff or West Bond (not sure). We enjoyed meeting Dundare and spending the two hours with him and his group. When we got back, we opted for a shower before going to the Mooseland, and so missed almost everyone. We saw Silentcal who knew right away who we were (very impressive as we only met him once before). We did stop at the KOA the night before and got to see a group of you all. Thanks to all who helped us and the hiker who helped fold the flag. Just want to say thanks for letting us be part of this event.

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        I truly would like to know if the pilot knew of our efforts. Actually I scanned the photo gallery before I left. So it’s easy to put faces and names together. You and your crew have been with Flags for several years now and it’s very appreciated. :flag: Hope to see you again next year!

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