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      We met at Gale River parking lot at 8:20 and by the time we got organized, our subgroup got on the trail at 8:50. We made good time at got to the hut at 11:00, where we regrouped, relaxed in the sunshine, had some snacks, used the potty, filled water bottles and headed for the summit. Some of the group went to N & S Twin to bag peaks and see their flags.
      We had our 4 piece flagpole erected and then raised the flag at noon on the outlook so people could see us and we could see them. We read off a list of names starting with the letter “G” of which there were 183. Lynda read a poem, Deb had photos of the beautiful memorial in Tewksbury MA, and another Deb led us singing the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful. We lit a candle and those that knew someone that died, shared stories. It was a wonderful memorial service.
      We could see North Twin flags from the outlook, but knew there were 47 other flags flying high. We lowered the flag at 2:00, disassembled the pole and headed down to the hut where we met up with the folks that went to other peaks. After a great day we all went to the Common Man in Lincoln for dinner. See you again next year.

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        Well Done!

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          Well done my friend, well done… There is something about singing during these memorials that just brings out the emotion…

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            Kudos for a great way to mark the occassion. It took us a bit to find you folks from N. Twin, until Joe realized you were on the outlook. Seeing the naked eye flags was the best.

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