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      As everyone knows the weather for this years FOT48 event could not have been better. The temps were cool and comfortable, the sun was out, the wind was steady, and visibility was 100 + miles.

      The flag croo for the summit was made up of a total of 10 of us. Marilyn, her husband Frank, a brother in law from Australia, a friend Wayne, my daughters Heather and Kiley, my wife Kristen, myself, and 2 other folks that hiked up the ridge with Heather and Kiley…sorry I forget their names.

      Heather and Kiley got off to an early start because their goal was 3 fold, 1st Kiley needed to finish the AT section from Pinkham Notch to Carter Notch, 2nd Kiley needed to bag Wildcat D and A peeks for her 4k list, 3rd they wanted to be part of the FOT48 for the 3rd year. For the rest of us, the plan was to meet in the parking lot and go straight up the ski slope to the summit. Our trip was much shorter than the kids so we were off to a bit later start. I typically hike with the kids but this time I could not make the trip with them, so they fashioned up a little stick figure of dad and carried it along…mocking me and joking at my expense the entire trip…but what are dads for?

      The trip to the summit was a constant grade and had to be the easiest one I have ever done. We made it to the summit in no time at all. The kids had also made good time hiking up the ridge and were at the summit just a few minutes before we got there. We stepped off the gondola 😮 and made the final assent to the summit platform…ya that’s right I took the gondola 😳 but I did have to hike about the last 100 yards or so to the platform.

      When you follow the main trail (AT) there is a bit of a steep ledge section that had my wife worried (she is not a hiker), but we all managed over it and made it to the platform. The platform has been rebuilt and is bigger, higher and better than the previous one that was at the summit. They did not replace the stairs (for what ever reason) but the rest of the platform is great.

      Frank built a fantastic flag pole with all the necessary rigging, so the set up was quick and easy. We had the pole standing within 10 minutes or so and had 20 minutes to hang around waiting for the 12 o’clock hour. At 12 o’clock, the flag was hoisted, and Marilyn had a few comments regarding the timeline from the events of 2001. We had a moment of silence, and we lifted up a few friends in prayer. Marilyn had brought a small tin bucket and screen to cover the top so that she could burn the list of names from 2001 and anyone could take some of the ashes with them for future FOT48 summits…(I guess it is a boy scout thing??).

      We had quite a few visitors, about 10 thru hikers, one woman who finished her 48, and one of the staff members from Wildcat stopped by and asked if he could get our picture for their web site.

      We could see 7 or 8 summit flags from the viewing platform and had a great afternoon.

      At 2 o’clock the flag came down, Frank and his croo headed for the bottom of the hill while Kristen and I stayed on the summit for a bit longer, enjoying the views, and the people, then eventually made our way down to the gondola at about 3 o’clock.

      What a great day we had and I was glad that my wife (who is not a hiker) could enjoy the experience and people on this special day of remembrance.

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        Scott, admirable, but you’re way too modest. Sorry you couldn’t join us, but I’m really happy you got to participate, which I’m sure was very important to you. Bravo, good sir.

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          We did have a great time and that gondola ride to the summit is the way to go in style. Kristen had a good time and said she is looking forward to next year and she will “hike” a mt next year for FOT48. Now I need to figure out what one to do with her because more than likely it will be the only 4k she will hike next year so I need to pick a good one. Something short milage, “easy”, and has a view…thinking Jackson might be a good option? We will see what happens between now and then.

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