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      This was a day to remember and reflect on that day 9 years ago when so many innocent lives were tragically lost. I just hope that this event which was started on Mt Liberty in 2001 will continue to be a day of remembrance for those lost souls for decades to come.

      North Twin 2010

      Our official group consisted of myself, Becky, Mike and Matt. The welcome additions were Randall S., his two great kids Amanda, Gabriel. Two of Randall’s friends and one of there sons. I apologize but their names have slipped my mind.

      We hit the trail at 8:30. I was not going to tell this story, but… 8) In trying to save time, and the possibility of wet feet, we decided to use the herd path averting the first two crossings. This herd path has a mini crossing of it’s own. I’ve already forgotten what Mike was trying to do but in doing so he ended up going down, pretty hard I might add, in a pool of water just big enough to SOKE him on one side from head to toe. Other than a scrape on his knuckle he was fine, just pretty damned wet. He managed to collect himself and off we went. So much for avoiding the crossing. 😆

      The group got spread out a bit but we all regrouped at the noeth outlook just before the summit. Great views north from there. Then it was on to the actual summit where I placed a small flag. Then it was on to the west facing ledges where the main rig would be set up. With so many hands, this went off without a hitch and she was up and flying before noon. 😀

      With that done, the entire group other than Mike and myself went over to S. Twin. Randall’s friends, Matt, and Becky all needed S. Twin for their 48.
      While they were gone Mike and I took turns going down to the north outlook to see who’s flags we could see. We also had several visitors come and go, a good dozen or more. The group returned from south just in time to take some group shots before taking the flags down.

      2:00 came and it was time to take it all down. This went quite quickly. Mike headed off first, then Matt, and Becky and I last. Randall, his kids, and his friends were going to hang there for a while longer. Why not, did I mention it was simply gorgeous. I think we could see about 10 flags from N. Twin with binoculars.

      Becky and I got down a little after 4:30 to find Matt there waiting for us. A quick change in comfy shirts and shoes and the 3 of us headed for Truants. It here that we caught up with Mike. Then Greg and Desi, Brian, Laurie and Russ and a host of others who participated in this years event.

      Congrats to all who covered their peaks. 😀

      N. Twin Photos

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        Well done!

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          Sigh – yeah, I’m a klutzy idiot – no surprise to those that know me. Thanks for the dry shirt Joe, my fleece was getting toasty.

          First FOT48 for me, and I was very satisfied to do something to remember the victims. My own little contribution was to print out and tack up a list of all of the victims’ names, triple columned, 28 pages of it. It was very humbling thumbing through it thinking about how many lives were shattered that day.

          Thanks for letting me tag along, Joe. It was great seeing/meeting all the folks at Truant’s afterwards.

          My collage:

          All photos:

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            I almost forgot, it was great telling people what was going on. I told one fellow the whole deal, there was a pause for a moment, and he simply said with a good deal of solemnness, “Good.” Enough said.

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              Very cool zoom pictures. We tried a few thru the binoculars but I have not see the pics yet, so it will be interesting to see what they look like.

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                I really like your collage Salty

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                  Nice zoom pics, Salty. What’d you shoot those with? Guess I should have been able to see you from the Carrigain tower … but didn’t. 🙁

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