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      I stopped in at Guyot during my day trip on 8/27, and told him (cody) that we will all be converging on the campsite.

      He requests that those of us planning to stake a platform for a tent get there EARLY where as Saturday nights are packed up there. Who knows what kind of impact the closed Zealand Road will have on those planning a hike into the area.. it may indeed be a full house.

      Also.. summit cairn on West Bond has been demolished by the Forest Service. Flag bearers should plan accordingly. I know someone who may try and rebuold the cairn before the event.


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        Why did the forest service demolish the cairn? If so, that will give us something to do! We can try to rebuild the cairn since we are doing this peak on the 11th. At least we can start the job. I’ll just have to remember to bring some work gloves to handle rocks!


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          As the person who did West Bond two years ago (see my avatar) I can tell you that the cairn was not a necessary part of the flag rigging at all. The surface up there is rough enough and has enough loose stone that a flagpole can easily be raised to the west of the cairn.

          It was a *big* cairn. I’m surprised and annoyed at this move by the FS, but this is not the forum for discussing it.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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