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      I’m considering getting the next size up. How about you?

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        I just got a 5 x 8, can’t afford anything bigger. :flag:

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          It will really depend. If I try to incorporate a backpacking trip into the Flags event like I did in 2002 (and planned to last year), I’ll stick with the 3×5. If I do it as a dayhike, I’ll try to rig something bigger.

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            I’m keeping the same flag and always will. I keep it in a case on our fireplace and take it out only for this occasion. Now, the flagpole may change now that I don’t have a summit with a tower to lash it to anymore……. :flag:

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              The bigger the better in my mind. I want people 100 miles away to see the flags…

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                I’m keeping the same flag as it has been raised over most of the summits during the last two years of hiking. Looking into a new flagpole.

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                  I had great success with this flag, and given the height/structure of what I use for a flagpole, wouldn’t want any bigger or heavier.

                  Unless I was doing Bondcliff, in which case I’d look for a 30-footer and drape it down the cliff.

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                    I am using a 5×8 foot flag. :flag:
                    It is being donated by a local organization and I believe it has some colourful history. As soon as I am privy to the stories I will share them.
                    Meeting with the “Big Guys” of the organization after the first, they don’t trust their flag to just anybody. 😆
                    My design team has developed quite the flag pole. Should reach a height of 32 feet!! I’m guessing… that puts my flag at just about 27 feet in the air? Still guessing… that’s about 8 feet over the trees?
                    You guys on the next hill over better be looking!!!! 😀

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                      Our flag is 6 x 10 with a 15 foot flagpole. Same flag that we flew last year on Jackson, and hope to fly for many years to come.

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                        I sent in for two flags flown over the U.S. capitol sometime in early July. One was dedicated to the victims of 9/11, the other dedicated to my 2 year old son and flown on his b-day. My wife called me at work and told me they arrived today. Hooray beer! :beer: – I mean Hooray flags! :flag:

                        I was sweating it, figuring they’d arrive 9/13 or something foolish like that. 😀

                        Hopefully I can convince Max to fly the new one instead of his trusty banner from the last 2 years. If not, we’ll just fly :flag: :flag:

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                          I’m debating how to fly my flag. We will have two flags on Monroe. I’m thinking instead of planting it, trying to find one of those holsters that flagbearers wear during parades to keep the flag steady. If it’s not a crazy windy day, it might be cool to some fellow hikers to actually hold the flag and have their picture taken. If it’s to windy, we’ll just tie me down to rocks so I Don’t fly away 🙄

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                            I bought a 25′ telescoping flagpole from Mainely Flags in Portsmouth, NH. Weighs about the same as a hiking pole.

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                              Stopped by Mainely Flags today – they didn’t have them any longer we were told 😥 Back to PVC for us.

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                                I plan to get a new flag. Last year’s borrowed 5×8′ was just not enough I figure. We were at Wildcat D and it was immediately apparent that bigger is better. Hard to see others from there even with the field glasses. I will get a 6×10′ this year and have found some good choices here:

                                We found the 20-foot pole of conduit and couplings to work well, and strong but not that heavy. I carried the pole and Dirt had the food and tools and rope. Neither of us carried more that 30 or so pounds. I’ll be glad to share the pole design with anyone who would like it.

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