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    This thread prompted a new one.

    I’m curious as to who is day hiking for the Flags event, and who is base camping or backpacking.

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    The South Kinsman Team is staying at Lafayette Campground at site #57 & #59 on Friday and Saturday nights. We are right on the Pemi, the first two sites south of the footbridge. Stop by and say hi!

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    I’m day hiking the event with a couple of friends. I planned on base camping at Lafayette place (even had a site reserved), but my wife got scheduled to work that day so now I’ve got to day hike. She’s still bummed she can’t make the hike and I’m bummed I can’t hang out at the Mooseland until late in the evening.

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    The Hale team, now 5, is base camping at Sugarloaf I Friday and saturday night. :flag:

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    Max and I (the Madison Crew) will be dayhiking.

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    I will need to backpack in for an overnight to get to West Bond in time.

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    Planning on crashing at the Wildwood Campground before and after. Anyone stayed there? Impressions?

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    Lisa Pane and I will likely be staying at Sugarloaf CG (1 or 2).

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    We are Sugarloaf 1 site 20 and 22, let me know if you’re staying there and we can meet up.

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    Dayhiking and hanging out at Mt. Liberty Cabins in Lincoln.

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    outtabreath: will do. We haven’t picked a site yet, figure we’ll just wing it since it’s after Labor Day. I drive a Green Subaru with VFTT, AMC, and ADK stickers on the back window.

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    Basecamped in the Pemi.

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    Day Hiking and staying at the Broken Branch Campground in Woodstock

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