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      I trust Chris has found an easy way to communicate with each peak coodinator and just as important, with the each member of the hiking group. e.g. Time, place to meet, flag and pole etc.


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        For example, tonight I wrote to the Mt Liberty peak coordinater:

        <<Hi Cathy,

        We should start a thread on our selected mountain. I will show the group a very nice and easy shortcut that saves time, mileage, and effort.

        Let’s discuss the flag pole set-up, meeting time, and other particulars.

        Looking forward to a great day,

        I sent this via private message and received a dialog box with the words: “the user does not exist.”

        We should be able to communicate easily. See my point?!

        With all good wishes,

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          As a peak coordinator, I was sent a link, by FOT48 to email each member of my team so that I can stay connected with plans, ect.
          I sent one message to my group, but I lost the link and can’t resend another.
          There is no link available on this website that I can find.

          Someone please re-post the peak coordinator email link.



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            Brownie – did someone get back to you on this via private message, or are you still waiting?

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              I sent Brownie the link.

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                Great – thanks!

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