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    Found a flaw with the automatic registrations.

    It appears that e-mails from the registration script to some service providers are not being delivered. In a nutshell it’s due to reverse domain lookups being performed on the sender.

    Since we send the message through a virtual server hosted remotely ( that is the IP address that is appearing on the e-mail. Doing a lookup on that IP address returns, which is obviously different than the from address of, thus the message is dropped as a relayed spam message.

    I am in contact with our webhost to see if this can be worked around. So far, this appears to affect Comcast and SBC, but could affect others. Essentially, any ISP performs a reverse-DNS lookup on messages as a spam tool would fail these messages. Some would be nice and put them in a junk folder. Others (like Comcast and SBC apparently) just drop them straight out, with no bounce message sent.


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    In a word :blink: thank god you guys know what your doing!

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    I found it! Comcast has a spam e-mail filter option.

    1) Do you want us to filter spam?
    2) Do you want it put into a folder or deleted?

    If you answer yes- deleted, any message that fails a reverse DNS lookup will never arrive.

    About 45-50% of domains would fail this lookup. Anything hosted on a virtual server.

    Best way around this- put a message on the registration that “confirmation e-mails may be filtered out by certain spam filters (such as Comcast or SBC). Please check your spam folder as this could be the case if your confirmation does not arrive.”


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    We’re going to be away this weekend and will have limited Internet access through dialup. We would like to sign up for a peak again this year – what time do you expect the sign up process to be open?

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    You may sign up today. Officially it begins 7/4.

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