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    I can confirm Middle Tripyramid. When we get the flag set up we checked the time and it was 11:59.

    I saw the flag on Passaconaway with my monocular. I’m less certain, but I think I also saw the flag on Osceola. We talked with the North Tripyramid crew afterwards, although I didn’t actually see the flag. Later at the Common Man we met John Saunders, who’d been on Bond, and he showed us a video of the helicopter, which included the copter passing right behind the flag.

    2009-2011: Middle Tripyramid

    “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” – Francis Bellamy

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    I was on Jefferson with a flag. I saw Adams, Monroe, and Clay all had flags.

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    Maybe a little easier this way:

    1.Adams: Confirmed
    2.Bond: Confirmed
    3.Bondcliff: Confirmed
    4.West Bond: Confirmed
    5.Cabot: Confirmed
    6.Cannon: Confirmed
    7.Carrigain: Confirmed
    8.Carter Dome: Confirmed
    9.Middle Carter: Confirmed
    10.South Carter: Confirmed
    11.Eisenhower: Confirmed
    12.Field: Confirmed by the Helicopter Crew
    13.Flume: Confirmed
    14.Galehead: Confirmed
    15.Garfield: Confirmed
    16.Hale: Confirmed
    17.North Hancock: Confirmed
    18.South Hancock: Confirmed
    19.Isolation: Confirmed
    20.Jackson: Confirmed
    21.Jefferson: Confirmed
    22.North Kinsman: Confirmed
    23.South Kinsman: Confirmed
    24.Lafayette: Confirmed
    25.Liberty: Confirmed
    26.Lincoln: Confirmed
    27.Madison: Confirmed
    28.Monroe: Confirmed
    29.Moosilauke: Confirmed
    30.Moriah: Confirmed
    31.Osceola: Confrimed
    32.East Osceola: Confirmed
    33.Owl’s Head: Confirmed
    34.Passaconaway: Confirmed
    35.Pierce: Confirmed
    36.Tecumseh: Confirmed by the Helicopter crew
    37.Tom: Confirmed
    38.North Tripyramid:Confirmed
    39.Middle Tripyramid: Confirmed
    40.North Twin: Confirmed
    41.South Twin: Confirmed
    42.Washington: Confirmed
    43.Waumbek: Confirmed
    44.Whiteface: Confirmed by trail report on VFTT
    45.Wildcat A: Confirmed
    46.Wildcat D: Confirmed
    47.Willey: Confirmed
    48.Zealand: Confirmed

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    FB post from David Breton confirmed Tecumseh.

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    Middle Carter confirmed with a trip report.

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    Confirmation this morning that a flag was flown on Cabot. 100% coverage 8 years in a row!


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    Now if we could just get photos of all those peaks in the Gallery. Less than 100%, 10 years in a row! 🙁

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    @Chris wrote:

    Now if we could just get photos of all those peaks in the Gallery. Less than 100%, 10 years in a row! 🙁

    Perhaps we need to establish “Peak Photo” as one of the official Peak Coordinator responsibilities?

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